The seed’s strips

Italian strain.
Labeled as Original.

How the seed looks like, after shower by the tap water,

I think that kind of strips just a membrane coating some kinds of seeds, which looks like mixed between cloth & wool under the loupe 40X-25MM.


Looks like the membrane is softening so the Taproot can start to break through :+1:


I hope so.


The seeds still solid, but there is no update on the germination process until now.

I’ve tried the water method first, Which was in nearly 30ml of drinking water, which was contained 7.0 in pH range with one mixed drop from that two kinds of synthetic nutrients⬇️

in that kind of small container⬇️

And then has been transferred to the paper towel method after a few days later, when I noticed no update on it growth.

Note: the current “New Experiment Round” will be free from synthetic additives as I mentioned on that journal :point_right:t2: New experimental round - #18 by Hemp_Nature, but that one drop of synthetic nutrients just was in the germination attempt with some classes of seeds that had been separated and under an experiments. And I’ll write any new additives if I added it in needed on the journals.