The shikimate pathway, GMOs, and human health

This is an interesting presentation about how GMOs interact with human health.


Took a read through, and I can’t say I agree with the presenter’s information. I want to highlight a particularly egregious point:

  • GMOs were introduced much earlier than 1996. However, the first Bt Corn (Bacillus thuringiensis corn) was introduced in 1996. Prior to that, we did have several seedless fruit varieties and a variety of animal feed was also GM.
  • There’s a correlation and causation error in this statement. Chronic illness increases could be caused by GMOs, or they could be caused by a million other things that happened between now and 1996.
  • There are no definitive links between GMOs and autism, food allegies, digestive disorders, or reproductive issues. This is another correlation =/= causation.
  • The diabetes and obesity problem seen specifically in America likely has more to do with poverty and access to cheap fast food than anything else. I find this statement particularly questionable.

There are other issues I have with this presentation, particularly how they fixate on Glyphosate (commercial name is RoundUp) and therefore also fixate on Monsanto. The presentation fails to address other forms of genetic modification such as seedless fruits (bananas, watermelons, grapes), while focusing heavily on specific GM crops that are generally not seen as “top-of-the-line” in most scientific circles.

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