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The Topic is Trimming and Trimming Services

The Topic of Trimming / Services and THC Lab results!

This is a topic of much anecdotal info, so I ask:

• Do you hand trim or use a trimming machine?
• Do you trim wet or dry?
• Would you ever use a trimming machine?
• How would you make your own trimming machine?
• What problems do you have with trimming?
• Why don’t you use a trimming machine?
• what are your worst fears or concerns regarding “Trim Crews”
• what are your top 3 complaints about this topic?

If anyone would care to relate their own opinions, facts or anecdotal stories, please write in!


Great topic Charlie! Can’t wait to read the responses.

We find that we encounter a good amount of people who have had rough experiences with trimming machines in the past, so we make sure we do free demos of all of our equipment before people make the purchase. We actually love that process, because we get to see people’s faces when they see quality, customizable automation for the first time in their harvest cycle.

A great example of this came from ‘The Clinic’ in Colorado. They’ve won a couple dozen awards for multiple strains in arguably the toughest, most competitive cannabis state in America. They were 100% hand-trim, having demo’d machines in the past and not finding anything that would live up to their standards.

After a lot of work, Aaron, one of our awesome Colorado Sales Managers, got his foot in the door and did a demo for all their top brass. They even chose very delicate strains to use in the demo, to truly put our machine to the test. The rest is history and you can hear it for yourself here ( in this unpaid feedback clip, which is part of our Cultivator Spotlight series we produce.

Hope this provides some good information for people!


Hi All!!!

Look for an upcoming piece I am doing (with the help of the great editors here!) regarding “Post Harvest Processing©” : Remote Location
Its a recap of my latest adventures in the mountains of california working with Aurora Grown premier strains and the challenges and solutions we came up with to make Post Harvest Processing a reality for all larger growers. Curing and Processing both before, during and after, It was a great learning experience and I hope to add a bit of value and info for others who may want to try this themselves!!!

Believe me, it was not and is not for the faint of heart but it worked beyond expectation, better than most producers could ever hope for and will add a huge difference in the quality, nose and structure of your materials and allow it to reach its full potential. It also will make tumbling or slow roller trimming devices work easier and achieve better results.

[email protected]

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