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The Trellis Project

Hmmm. Well as non-specific as that was, OK I will try. See my problem with that is you guys (and gals, not a sex thing) are all so experienced and stuff and so I worry posting stuff that is too fundamental so I tend to skip what I think everyone knows and therefore would be bored by seeing more of it.

That said, aside from things specific to the trellis the things I do on a daily basis are the same things everyone does everyday; I water (feed), drain the run-off, maybe reposition the odd light or two but thats it. Which is how I prefer my grows as hands-free as possible. Right now “grow chores” take no more than 20 minutes and probably 10 minutes of that is just waiting for the Hempy buckets to finally drain…

I guess with this method there are three actual periods of “intense” work, obviously from germination thru second set of leaves->transplant to pot that it will stay in for life is the first, the second is when the veg-to-bloom period happens and I take a day per plant and pin down all of the main branches, making sure not to pinch or otherwise smoosh your branches in back between the plant and the trellis. I use anything and everything to pin them from zip ties and bread wrapper wire ties to using an experimental kind of tie-down I have been working on. Once you have them pinned, over the next week the plants start to adapt to the new setup and some branches that were playing nice before will now reach our the front to the lights. These are just pinned back as they appear and most of that ends by the end of stretch. The last big push of course is harvest (and RSO processing in my case) but the whole rest of the time is putting about, I water once a day (with food of course) and suction out the overflow from the Hempy buckets with turkey basters. Thats it; lather, rinse, repeat. A simple system for a simple grower…


Being quite new at this, I like detailed info. If it’s something I know already, that helps as a reminder… and I can always skip to the ‘’good’’ parts… it’s all interesting to me! :nerd_face:


Greetings one and all. The project is continuing fine as is my internet access is continuing to suck ALL of the ass right out of the atmosphere. However I got the new modem sitting before me but must wait for the next spell of clarity to hit before I can actually plug it in and make it anything more than a drink coaster, which it is as I write this. Hey, its at least functional ATM, more than I can say about me of late.

While posting pictures right now thru my phone is a cast-iron bitch in shorts, I can share the sum total of the daily routine for the grow. This routine will remain the same for the next 6 weeks (tomorrow is the end of the third week of bloom, placing it near the end of stretch) and barring disaster (natural or otherwise) we get to see one of the more interesting phases of trellis growing, clipping the end product from the trellis at harvest time. It is at this moment that what was actually going on in the grow becomes revealed; be prepared to be shocked, amazed and amused, it will all be there.

For one thing you will find limbs that may be 18 inches long or better but are no thicker (or stiffer) than 18 inches of string, branches that normally would not have a chance in hell of holding themselves up, even if they had no buds at all. What you WILL find however is these normally limp and useless limbs with full, round and solid buds for you to harvest. In fact I would say that harvesting a trellis can be very deceptive when you look at it and try to estimate how long it will take, mostly because you keep finding budsites in places where there simply normally arenn’t any so you don’t expect them…

The other sort of interesting thing to me anyways was, while I did tie down most if not all of the limbs that were initially big enough to do so, Beth and I are always kinda tripping when we go to get this off of the trellis and find that in addition to the ones we tied down, the plant itself trellised a good number of limbs! You will find they became more like ivy I think and actually weave themselves in and our of the chicken wire and not always in the direction of light and/or gravity…the times we have seen it it was so unexpected and our hands were full harvesting that we never took a pic, but this time around I promise it will be here bcause I can already see it happening in places and by my clock we have 6 weeks to go, give or take…

But I promised the day-to-day…well, the day-to-day for this is no more complicated than any Hempy setup.

My Daily Grow Chores:

  1. Open both tents, start music, preferable some Satch.
  2. After a quick scan to make sure nothing horrible happened in the night (who doesn’t have those feelings?) I use a turkey baster to siphon out any residual liquid that had drained into the clear plastic dishes the Hempy buckets sit in.
  3. Open the bloom nutrients; if low, make some and balance pH.
  4. Stick 1 gallon of nutrients into each Hempy (8 total)
  5. While waiting for drain, make any adjustments to the rigs, plants or lighting. The plants can start to grow in ways where I can see them crowd each other or something and so I kind of “comb” the limbs down and back to the trellis, tying them down if needed. I have a 100ft roll of that green wire hanging in a dispenser between the tents, just for this purpose.
  6. Anything that is draining, siphon off excess with turkey baster and dispose of in a bucket in each tent for the purpose.
  7. Any plants not draining yet get another half gallon each, followed by a 5 minute wait (I can always find something to fool with in the plants, cant you?) and then go to 6.
  8. Once all are draining and have been drained, shut off the tunes, zip of the tents and go have a doobie.

Only real deviation to this is once a week instead of nutrients I have another smaller rez handy of plain, clear, pH balanced water. This I use to flush the plants as well as I can. I am still getting used to the Hempy bucket thing and last time around I had some that seemed to be starving in bloom yet had penty of water/food but drank none of it. Needed a flush, had some lockout but regardless afterwards I flushed them and immediately they ate and came back to life. Problem: solved. Now once a week I do a flush.

So this is my day, my week and basically any time I am not either starting a new crop, trying a crop down or doing a harvest, I am doing this which is damned-near nothing which is precisely what I was shooting for. Being a Fuck-off while still delivering a quality product is a skill like any other…

Lets see what I can throw up here…OK me doing my part with my mask…



Love the mask! I want Darth Vader.


It’s a bitch to light if you are practicing social distancing. Hey! Brilliant idea! Let’s make and sell Socially distance conscious 6 ft bongs!!! Oh man this has win written all over it!


OK got my internet back, here is my status update for week 3 of the Trellis Prj. Nothing special to report, the grow is going as-expected, wall o bud forming nicely…will add to this when I get the mental energy. In the mean time, chew on this…


Absolutely Amazing! Compared to mine. Lol. I will learn!


Glad someone likes it and something came up this morning that, since you are trying this technique yourself, you may want to take a look at. It (accidentally) challenges accepted grow wisdom about a few things…there is/was an unexpected…feature? Side-effect? Not sure of right word…something anyways that happens as a result of this technique revealed something odd and maybe useful…like most things, completely by accident. I started another thread there on it but you might see this yourself before anyone else does. If so I would like to know your thoughts when you do…

Other thread


I try to document any odd-seeming behavior, good or bad I observe while this is going on and this morning I noticed another oddity I had not seen in previous traditional grows. Check out the tops on this Citrus Sap:

The thing that struck me is:
A. I only topped that plant once; in fact my tremors and eye-sight was so bad that day I barely FIMmed it.
B. Can’t see in picture but each of those tops in circles goes straight down almost to mid-plant. It almost looks like it grew like a bouquet.
C. This is not the only plant I have noticed this on.

Just a datapoint…sharing what I see. makes me wonder exactly how much or little topping multiple times would have worked out…maybe great, maybe it would have made no difference in the end.


Greetings One and All; today saw a semi-scheduled clear-water flush happen. I try to do it weekly but if I forget I always do one on the day I have to refill/mix the 33 gallon rez so that happened today. Wall O Bud continues to form nicely, and oh yeah I implemented that crazy oscillating light trick to one of the tents today. Basically swapped the extra Philzone/whatever light with one of the Mars units, then attached that to my stoutest desktop fan, rewired a few things and we are off to the raced…this could be huge for me and now I have designs on some cast-off pedestal fans I have in storage…


Update: this is 2 days after I changed one tent to use the oscillating light trick and one since I did Tent #2 yesterday and already I am observing a noticeable improvement…


That is so Awesome! Great job!


Very Kool set up and very nice plants. :+1:
Can’t wait to see them fatten up. :v:


Great journal!

I have run quite a few trellis grows.
If you have any questions about mine please feel free to ask


Greetings and nice SCRoG you have there. Fiddled with that some time back and it works but you are forced to dedicate your entire grow to it. Not saying its a plus because I just don’t know but this way you can choose to trellis or not-trellis on a plant-by-plant basis. This opens up the idea of using this as part of the continuous harvest method of which I am also a fan. IOW you can introduce new plants at any time regardless of the stages of any other plants in there so if you need to rotate stock in and out, things like traditional SCRoG need not apply unless each plant had its own SCRoG screen. And as stated (someplace, I think) one of the other stated goals was to figure out a sustainable way to grow a plant indoors larger than you normally could, idea being it would lead to more medicine, hence the 7-foot CB Diesel plant last time around.

All of that said I would love to ask questions simply because I developed this in a kind of vaccuum and had no one to ask anything of. My few grow peers were all traditionalists and so the first word out of their mouth when I explained my plan from a whiteboard drawing: “that is insane”.

However even the differences of our methods aside, in all truth I really don’t know what to ask…I tried to make it clear elsewhere but this has been an evolving idea/project over several grows and tests…the key thing being, its never been the same thing twice. I try something, note the results, rejigger the plan for next time, test, note results, etc. Lather, rinse, repeat. So the main questions that I SHOULD be asking I can’t yet because I don’t know whats happening next time, if there even is one…as for the current go, am pretty locked into a course right now and I suspect any 11th-hour changes of plan might derail the whole thing.

Now with that out of the way, how you could help is:

  • I have tried to make clear how and why I am doing each bit. If you see a problem coming as a result of something, pls sing out, let me know.

  • In a related vein, I do try to document this, not just for the forum or my website but for my wife who is my caregiver as the brain goes south and also becoming the house bud-tender. So documentation now is vital…and like I said, I try to grab what seems important but thinking is not clear these days so if you see something that could use explaining or better photos, pls let me know, it would be one of the single-most tangible forms of help you could provide because I don’t have a dozen grows ahead to get it all worked out myself…


I don’t run Scrog nets like that anymore. Thing of the past for me now. I mainly only train with trellis netting in the vegetative phase now and remove it during flower

I’ll sure try


Since to arc of the light wasn’t quite large enough, I strapped on another cheap 120w pane; to if it makes a difference…

Otherwise things are going well, buds-a-poppin everywhere, still got a long ways to go though, I think like June 20 or so is the target date for this batch…


Slight update, everything going to plan (such as there is a plan) but replaced the desktop fan that was oscillating a single 600w panel with a tower fan like the other tent and now have two panels hanging from it for a total of just over 2500w (well, you know) in each tent. As if I needed to kick it up a notch, last night the missus and I dropped an order for a pair of 2000w full spectrum panels, due in about 10 days…thats when things will get really crazy…but for now, I took this shorty vid to get a glimpse of both oscillating lights going, I killed 1200 of the watts just for the pics but this is a hard thing to shoot…


Hey Listen I wanted to add a few things here; this is a journal, not an advert for something and the only reason to do this is so others can see and learn. And the only time that really has value is if you share the bad as well as the good, the missteps as well as the dance steps. Finally I have tried to stress that while I have done this core technique before a few times, every one is different, “new and improved” when I learn from previous mistakes. And I am not f-ing God either so I can guess all day long how it might come out but only know for sure when I try something and it either works or doesn’t…so its important to show not just the wins and lucky breaks, you should see it all.

To that end:

  1. Plant count. Last time I stuck (trellis-wise) to one plant per pot per trellis and it worked out well, this time I decided to see how much I could jam into a single trellis/pot combo. this isn’t as crazy as it sounds…first, I am now pretty convinced that the fact that the trellis basically relieves the plant of the stress of holding its (big-assed) self up, more energy is put to budding. Since the plant’ needs way less stability, it grows less of a rootball and therefore can use a smaller grow container. So this time was about seeing just how much I could stick into each pot/trellis to see if it made enough difference to make it worth it, to see what runs out first, the trellis space or the root space. Anyhow thats why I did it and though we are not anywhere near harvest I am now convinced that while this will produce a buttload of bud, it is overkill and the technique works best with one plant per trellis…I think the upshot I noticed is that yes this is more, yes nothing exactly horrible is happening because of it, but I also know that I can do nearly as well with a single plant, if the last few grows have been any indication. So while I will get more, I won’t get that much more to make the other crap I have to do worth it. Pinning three plants to a trellis is way harder than one. So…starting next crop, thats the song: 1-1-1.
  • There seems to be a kind of…faux wisdom that more light is always better, no such thing as too much and that LEDs remove any real need for distancing as you would with anything else. OK first I have…“burned” plants to hell and back with cool, plain grow LEDs, just too much and the plant was too saturated. I have seen too much purple wipe out plants with taco leaf. I have seen plants burned to shit with no heat at all. So there is a chance to do too much with the light game. Now in my grows this time I have re-arranged the status quo, got the plants on the walls and the fans/lights in the middle shooting out…some are oscillating…however. For relatively few plants, each tent is rocking so much light that I need to be concerned, keep an eye on it for the first signs of stress. I can get away with alot in my grows but when it comes to accidentally stressing flowering plants, fate likes to treat me like a baby treats a diaper.

So with all these upgrades I am watching these like a hawk…and already I am seeing the effects. The buds are reacting well and positively but the fanleaves are showing signs of burn, not a lot, not yet but they are…and there is NO heat in that tent, I keep cool air coming in and hot is all blasted outside, left over from my days of using HPS…

So keeping an eye on things and like I said, wanted to share the bad with the good so anyone looking at using this technique will be doing it with open eyes…


Just for a change of pace, here is a little something from my Padawan Learner Budtender (aka the missus). She helped out with chores this morning and captured some photos of our strange grow that I would like to share…us folks that normally take such pics always seem to take the same ones, after a fashion so since Beth is more from a normal world of photography, I figured she has perspectives and sees things we ignore…here they are…