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The Value of Medical Cannabis in Treating Veterans with PTSD - Growers Network

I wanted to try and focus on some new topics, and a little more personal story. Here’s to our vets!


Shawn Lerma @shawn1 would you have anything to comment on this? Shawn is the director for Operation Compassionate Care, a 501c nonprofit that helps veterans with PTSD use cannabis as an alternative to opiates and keeps them in active, healthy lifestyles.

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One thing I found with treating vets with PTSD is that they have had it drilled into their heads in the military that if they seek to treat their PTSD or pain with cannabis, they’ll lose their VA benefits. It’s why they don’t trust many state programs which enter them in a database they feel can compromise their privacy.

This is not true of course, but I had many veteran PTSD and pain patients say to me that they were told this in the military which is why many don’t still help via medical cannabis. We have to get the information out there that this is false and they won’t lose benefits for seeking medical cannabis treatment.
However, those who chose to turn to cannabis medication were so much happier and better for it.



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