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The Word "Marijuana" Could Be Banned In Canada


Thank Goodness!!

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Not to mention it’s bad form to use slang terms in legislation. If you aren’t using the proper term, you risk causing problems in the courts. Cannabis is the scientific name, and that is not likely to ever change. :slight_smile:


When I became a legal patient and started working in the industry, it allowed me to be totally honest with my young niece. She’s now 14 and corrects her classmates when they call it Marijuana!

I come from a family and community of farmers and avid vegetable gardeners so plants as medicine is pretty normal to her. This summer while visiting at my parents’ place, I was explaining to her that I’d be buying Cannabis clones rather than planting seeds. Of course she asked what a clone was and it was perfect timing because my mom spoke up and pointed to a tray of wee plants. She explained that they were clones and pointed to the plant that they came from. It was such a clear reiteration that Cannabis is just a plant. I can’t wait for the day when the big growers hold school field trips!! :slight_smile:


Given history and Canada’s progressive approach to cannabis over the past 20 years, this only makes sense. When one takes into consideration that the word “marijuana” was bastardized by American anti-cannabis crusaders in the early 1920’s to frighten and intimidate voters, the move by Canadians to ban it seems like a fairly sound move to me. The word “marijuana” derives its origins from the combination of the Mexican names “Maria y Juana” (Mary and Jane). The word was originally coined to frighten white voters and legislators into making decisions at the ballot box out of a manufactured fear of Mexicans. The racist underpinnings of the very word “marijuana” set forth the momentum that ultimately led to “reefer madness” and the outright prohibition of cannabis in 1937.

Given the racist etymology of the word, Canadians’ move to ban the word “marijuana” is just another bold leap towards more sensible approaches to cannabis. The time is long overdue for citizens of the world to abandon the perpetuation of this adulterated, bigoted word in favor of the normalization of the taxonomic classification of this humble plant, cannabis. So cheers to you, Canada!