Thick Hash oil

Any good tips on making good Hash oil for moon rocks?

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I invested in The Source Turbo … Qwet wash n ethanol extraction … bit costly but investment is well worth the $$… does one ounce or one ounce of leaf…
Produces approx 2.5 to 3 grams of RSO… I use it for edibles n carts but mostly edibles like Gummies n any brownie or food … cost of the unit is $600 but u can find it just above $500 if ya patient n search different sites. best decision i ever made… :v::love_you_gesture::+1::100:

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I make n Medicate The Vets with PTSD and it has helped tremendously to the point of they’ve cut back 50% of there prescribed meds n they feel a 100% better … Love what i do!!