Thin Mints CANUK seeds

Thin Mints is a delectable indica dominant hybrid created by bringing together a Durban Poison x Grandaddy Purple mother with our selected father cut of Mint Chocolate Chip.

Looking forward to trying these…

check the seedbank out:


Hmm I’ve been avoiding thin mints as j thought they were gsc cross. Love durbans p and gdp… Sounds like a winner. Is it stable do u know ? Like is it a f1 ,or at least f3-f4ish?

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I always ask I find u get a lot of f1s if u don’t inquire. They often don’t express the true characteristics intended for the cross but companies still put the seeds out to sale .just a thought , try asking how stable the seeds you plan to buy are. There’s still great f1s just don’t pay too much for them they should be cheap if not at least f3 :wink: