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Thinking about shroomin'? Oakland is down

Less than a month after the city of Denver voted to decriminalize hallucinogenic fungi, the city of Oakland, CA has voted to legalize psilocybin mushrooms and peyote. In an additional move, the city council even offered guidelines on safe psychedelic journeys, including metered dosing and having a sober sitter. Mind-bending.

Do you think this will have any impact on the cannabis industry? What might be the societal or cultural repercussions of the move of the city council of Oakland? Do you think other states and cities might follow suit? Has anyone seen my feet, I can’t seem to find them?


I think that this is truly awesome, and surprising news. I recently listened to an interview with Michael Pollan talking about his new book, How To Change Your Mind.
It’s a timely book, for sure.
I can’t help but wonder about the impact of cannabis legalization, and psilocybin becoming, what – accepted??? I can’t help but wonder about how these things will effect social and collective consciousness. Psychedelics are so powerful in their ability to raise consciousness. Could this be the dawning of a new era?


Perhaps an era of conscious enlightenment? We can only hope so!

MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research) has conducting research with Johns Hopkins University for years on the potential applications of psylocybin mushrooms and end-of-life acceptance. The research has been quite promising. Here’s a link:

One has to wonder why we would continue to allow psychedelics to remain illegal when they have so many potential positive benefits?


This is so exciting to me! I have been using psilocybin for about 4 months for PTSD. My anxiety is pretty much gone.


That’s amazing news, @amy! Thanks for sharing that and a very big congratulations on finding something natural to help mitigate your anxiety!

May I ask how you are using the psilocybin and dosages that you found effective?



I have PTSD. In 1987, a pipe bomb went off in my high school. It was my 17th birthday, and it was 8 feet from me. I started taking LSD soon after (just wanted to do drugs, had no inkling of any medicinal value), and tripped at least 200 times before graduating high school.

It wasn’t until several months ago, after my mom mentioned the bomb, that it all clicked. Loud bangs always make me cringe. I can handle concerts, because they’re supposed to be loud, but if the club is too packed, I start to panic.

Then, I started watching Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia. A fellow patient here in PHX who also teaches yoga told me about her mushroom usage.

I take about 200mg, but I don’t weigh it out. I just take a piece off the stem or cap and put it in water and drink it. I have never tripped, but within a few doses, I just felt “better.”

I dose every 3 nights. I am going to try during the day next week, because it seems those nights I don’t sleep as well.


Amazing the efficacy of the some of the gifts of the Earth, no? Thanks for sharing this , @amy; I think there are many members of our community that will find your healing journey valuable, myself included. I am so happy that the medicine is helping! This is great news!

Have you had any bad experiences in this 4 month journey?


Other than those nights when I don’t sleep well, nothing. I do want to take a bigger dose one of these days and actually feel the trip.

I stopped LSD after a bad trip, and I really want to get back into more psychadelics.

By the way, here is a great reddit thread with a ton of microdosing info.


I have that book, too! Dr. Bronner’s did a giveaway last summer. I have read/watched everything of his regarding food. Knowing he knows the science of food is what made me want to read the book.


This is really excellent information, @amy, thank you. I’ve done my far share of experimenting with psychedelics, as well as played around with micro-dosing, but it’s always been for recreation.
A family member of mine has Parkinson’s disease and is about to start a ketamine trial. Although she’s very excited about the possible benefits, she also has some concerns… We were talking about it the other day and one of her major concerns is: What if it works and then the trial ends? It’s a serious consideration. For you, is there an issue regarding finding quality medicine for your PTSD? Do you have a steady source? Is the quality sometimes better than others?


One good thing about the cannabis industry is that growers grow more than just cannabis. I have several friends who grow it, thankfully. By the way, I am in Arizona, and this isn’t even on the radar, as far as legal to obtain.

Have you seen Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia? It’s on Viceland, and I believe you can find it on YouTube. Each episode is a different psychdelic, plant-based and chemically engineered. It’s my favorite show and I have watched every episode several times.

I love psychadelics!!!


Rule #1: Don’t do shrooms in Oakland. Go to the forest.


Hahahaha I can understand this advice completely. What if Oakland wants you to shroom?


I haven’t been to Oakland in a few years, but the last time I was there, it was a bit rough. If there were some cool cafes that were "shroom friendly’, then I could maybe see doing it there.
Shrooming in nature > Shrooming in the city


Soooo very true!


Oh, I bet shrooming by the lake would be awesome! It’s in the middle of the city, so you get the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:


Soooo, I’m going to bump this topic. I want to know how the psychedelic scene is developing in Oakland…seriously, are people shrooming in Oakland? Is there a distribution system established?

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I don’t know about societal or cultural, but the first time someone steps out into traffic, there will surely be a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city! Just the thought of this is mind blowing. When I moved to Oregon, all my Cali friends said “find us some shrooms”. Well, we had them growing in our backyard. I still never tried them. I’m whacked out enough straight. GOK what would happen if I went trippin.


You can control it a bit more than others because you’re eating as much or as little as you want. I can tell you it’s a “smooth” experience, and I can pretty much promise you won’t walk out into traffic if you do a microdose. :slight_smile: