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This is my first indoor and second total grow

I made my first grow this summer outside. I had 6 autos in the garden which yielded 1.2 lb. I was happy and hooked.
So I built my own grow tent in the cellar hahahaha.
Here are a cpl pics of my first indoor grow.
I have one Trainwreck auto which was started outside and is now 7 weeks old. I moved it in when it got two cold. The other two are a Zkittles auto and an Amnesia auto both 4 weeks old.
They are in 3.5 gallon pots. I am using a 50./50 mix of my own compost (grass clippings, chicken manure and house veg waste) and Coast of Maine bar harbor blend potting soil.
They are under a Viparaspectra 600w led on a 19 on 5 off schedule.
I think they look pretty good and I am seriously hooked on this. I just had to show them to others lol
Oh there is one tomato plant in there too!
This is a blast and I would appreciate any thoughts comments or suggestions.
Oh, forgot to add that I am using LST.

If that is a concrete floor, put a towel or foam board or something down as a make shift sub floor. The cold that comes up from the concrete floors in basements and cellars is enough of a temp to effect your roots with out you seeing or realizing it. So your room temps may be dead on, but your roots can actually be chilli. Remember this: The root growth is equal to or proportionate to the dry bud weight. Meaning, of the roots are happy and rocking then your grow is going to be amazing when it’s dried and cured.


Very good point, it didnt even occur to me, thanks!

I was just thinking the same thing about that concert floor. I put down wood subfloor panels with a plastic air gap built in and then foam pad and then the tent on top.

Even something like a pallet would do, just get them up off that concrete a bit

I didnt want to lose to much vertical space so have put down 1 inch insulation board on floor between plants and trays. Thanks!

Thats all I use. I will put a 1” foam board down, then I cut a matching sized piece of white panda paper(5.5mil plastic with white reflective). I use the plastic just for spills on the floor to help the foam board last longer. I love that panda paper on my walls tho. People dont seem to realize it reflects 90 plus% of the light with none of the heat induced like mylar or aluminum foil type rolls.