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Thoughts on Aquaponics

I am not a grower, but love meeting and speaking with those who are hands on. The opportunity to learn new methods that are geared towards conservation and efficiency, both in agriculture and lighting, are always on my list of things to do.

I had the pleasure of visiting @indagrodarryl at 151 Farmers and he has a wonderful approach to the industry, utilizing science and conservation to maximize production. His Inda-Gro light set-up was fantastic. His entire team was amazing and informative. I even brought my grandfather with me so he could learn more as well.

I was curious about other growers’ thoughts on aquaponics…


I find aquaponics fascinating. There’s a legal producer of medical Cannabis in Canada growing this way. Check them out:


Hi Daniel! Thank you for our comments. it was very nice meeting you and your grandfather and I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. Feel free to visit us again.


From what I have observed the Idea of aquaculture stems from creating a balanced eco system that integrates the use of fish, water and vegetation to create an integrated system. How the system works is the fish provide the plants an echo system the minerals and nutrients to grow off of the sedimentary deposits created by the living fish inside the system. From what can be achieved using this system I’m entirely unsure due to the fact that this is a very delicate system that is often constricted due to the type of fish that can be used. More importantly these systems require an abundance of sterilization and take a little while to get going. However I have been told this approach is also limited by the species of plants and fish that can be used as well. Although I really have always been fascinated by the concept I’m curious as to what species of fish would work the most efficient with cannabis.


Tilapia!! At least I’m pretty sure that’s what they are. Since they donate the actual fish to shelters etc, it makes sense that they’d use a versatile-to-cook fish like that. It’s an interesting thought though, since your nutrients would be based on what that particular species of fish eats. I’m not really a fan of fish farming as a lot of them feed corn based feed. But you can see a pic of the fish on this part of their site: