Thread gone

Not sure if this thread was deleted by mods or the owner

I can still read the whole thread, so think before you delete.

I just want to know why it was deleted

I also want to inform people that NOTHING is deleted from the internet

I can still access the post, read it, just can’t reply, because it is no longer on this forum, but again, nothing is deleted, so, whoever deleted it, heads up, it may be gone from the forum itself, it’s not gone from the internet.

If the mods didn’t delete it, I guess the person who was pm’ing me about 5 pounds of weed did.

I guess what I am getting into is that person in a pm didn’t like my answer.

I don’t mind pms, but, something that can be answered by several different people with many different growing techniques so everyone can learn from is the better option.

Just remember, ANY forum your on, you delete that thread it’s really not deleted, there are many ways to do this.


The owner of the thread wanted it removed. I sent you a message. Please check it.