Thrip/Mite Killer

A good friend shared this with me, I haven’t had to use it yet, but he swears by it!


The Thrip/Mite Killer ingredient list:

Cottonseed oil ( food grade frying oil bought online, 96 ozs)Amazon-Glicks-$25.99

Distilled water (I use deionized just because I have it available)

Polysorbate 80 Food Grade (I bought a 32 oz [900 gm] bottle online)Amazon-Velona-$32.04

Food grade Citric acid (many sources online)

Food grade L-Malic acid (many sources online)

100% Ethanol (Hey, Everclear will work just fine at 190 proof). Let’s send the little basturds out with a buzz!

NOTE: Polysorbate 80 is available world wide, Many brand names exist (Tween 80…etc). Food grade formulations are readily available and should be used in this formulation !


  1. Measure out 18 fluid ounces (532ml) of distilled water and pour in you pitcher/beaker.

  2. Weigh out 50 grams of EACH, Malic and Citric acid, and add to pitcher.Dissolve in water with your hand blender.

  3. Add 25 fluid ounces(739ml) of cottonseed oil to pitcher.

  4. Add 150 ml of Ethanol to pitcher.

  5. Add 5 fluid ounces(148ml) of Polysorbate 80 Food Grade and hit it with your hand blender for 2-3 minutes, and you will have a beautiful, stable emulsion ready to go ! This formula will yield about 52 ounces (1538ml)of MTA UltimateUM. By halfing all ingredients, you’ll have about 26 ounces(769ml) for short term storage…you can mix more at will with the ingredients on hand. That means with the 96 oz of cottonseed oil, you will yield 197 ozs ( 1.5 GALLONS/5826ml) of concentrate! (I would only prepare one batch at a time to keep it fresh and available!)


Like you were reading my mind. Just looking that up. How funny. Is this a foliar spray or a drench ?


It’s a foliar spray!


Thanks how did you know lol


I been seeing a lot of thrips and mites on rose bushes where I live and I have seen a lot of pictures here on the forum that look like they have those nasty critters on them! Lol!


Nice. I know this recipe, I friend of my shared it also. Lol. Works really well :+1::+1::v:


Noticed a bug problem on a couple of leaves. Thought aphids at first.

Pulled a leaf and used my microscope camera and found this:
Mixed up my first half batch of the MTA Ultimate. Results:


I read that the concentrate will stay viable for a long time. How about once diluted? Is it stable once mixed with water?


I’m not sure, but it should last a while if you can store it in a dark place that can maintain a temperature around 70f it should last for a while. Most people where I’m at use it mostly in outdoor grows and will treat all plants near their grows and use it up in a few days. Luckily I haven’t had to use it yet. Most of time I’m fighting Alternaria and not bugs. I’m thinking you could reduce the mixture down to 1/4 instead of half to make smaller amounts so it doesn’t go to waste. UPDATE @mayakid, I just found out it will store a real long time, the person that told me about it, just told me that he has stored a gallon and a half for a year and a half, just shake it really good in case it has started to separate.