Time for an introduction

After spending some time on here and testing the waters I think its time to get my intro out there. Now bare with me on my writing form (never was very good at knowing paragraphs and punctuation crap) but should be readable. Now here we go. @Slym3r
Name is Coaltrain and a little back story to get a sense of where I’m comin from. I’m a mid 40’s semi smoker and grower and there are reasons for both. I smoked all through middle and high school up till around I turned 30 then go a job I couldn’t smoke. I always wanted to but just couldn’t.
Then about 4 years ago I decided to take a job with a friend that owned his own business that smoked and we were going to move to another state. Well I figured it was going to be difficult at first to find weed since I wanted to start smoking again. I started my research at that point and came across autoflower cannabis. I was like hell yeah thats the ticket right there. Do 1 or 2 Fem auto’s on a perpetual and we’re golden. Thats when I started my journey. I found all the stuff not too expensive to start with the tents, lights, and whatnot. But then came the seeds. Ended up with ILGM to start off.
Within 6 months of starting this hobby/love I had ordered from Seedsman (more on them in a minute) a couple different autos but the red family from Sweet Seeds was my favorite. Soon after that I was winning free seeds from Sweet Seeds in photo competitions on another forum. I’ll tell you when you go from paying and waiting for seeds from overseas to winning a buttload for free with your pick of genetics I was happy as hell. BTW it didn’t work out with my buddy and went back to a drug testing job after 6 months and thankfully didn’t move.
Now for the Seedsman story. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I ordered from them and someone got my CC info and bought $1000 worh of jewelry in Miami and I was none to pleased. So then the gears went to work and a little googleing later I decided to start reversing/ breeding. I dig science anyway so I thought it would solve a couple issues. It gives me something to tinker with and I wont have to order seeds anymore.
I started with CS- you know…order the silver rods on amazon, a couple clips, some 9V batteries and away I go. Only did one run and it worked but thought there had to be something that wasn’t as much work. After more googleing and finding out about STS it was on. An amazon order later I have enought stuff for STS for life. This was about 2 years ago btw.
So after breeding a bunch of autos and an accidental photo thown in from 1 seed a buddy gave me of Gorilla Glue from his grow states away (hence why I don’t have any cuts) I decide to up my game a bit.
The last year or so I’ve been gradually getting into photoperiod’s. I had 1 GG seed I got from a reversal (she didn’t want to take pollen or something) and quite a few seeds from a buddy in Alaska that worked at a dispensary and now started ordering from DCseedexchange and also just this week @automatik and Chitownseeds.
Here we are today. Just upgraded one of my 2X4 tents to a 4X4, started my first ever DWC hydro with one of my crosses I’m very happy with (I call it Caramel Cookies and it’s a cross of a Pink cookies dispensary photoperiod seed and a Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel auto). I use FFOF soil, FF nutrients or megacrop, Autocob and viparspectra Lights. And thats it. Sorry for the long read but I had to get that out.

Side note: about 2 years ago I came down with (I say that cause it came out of nowhere) anxiety/panic attacks. To where I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack until I talk myself out of it. For this reason I really don’t smoke for fear of having a panic attack. Alot of low THC and High CBD till I feel I’m getting better. And no I haven’t been to a doctor about it. So I grow mostly for the love and addiction of the whole thing. My girl on the other hand has never met a weed she didn’t like.

ILGM Blueberry auto. The girl that started it all.


Welcome to the party! Great looking blueberry you had!


@KevGrows Yes sir she was a beast. Grown at the time in my 2X4 closet with a Northern Lights auto and that joker was full. I got like 3.5 oz off the Blueberry.


Caramel Cookies. So proud of this cross.

Caramel Cookies DWC hydro project. Pic from today.

Farmers Fire from Second Generation Genetics. One is for sure female and the other is holding out on telling me. Pic from today in veg tent.

Flower tent. Two back girls are Crocketts Dawg from the dispensary seeds and the girls in front is 1 Gorilla Glue and Crocketts Dawg clones that are going to be used for science. The big Crocketts on the back left has all 5 finger fan leaves (clones also have same trait). Fist plant ever I had like this. Also they are all Photoperiod. Photos from today.

Crocketts Dawg up close.


Quite the setup brother! Nice looking flower too :sunglasses::metal:t2:


@coaltrain, hi and welcome to GN. Thank you for sharing your story. Seems you been around the block once and back with photos and autos. Really amazing story, and again thanks for sharing. All the best growing and looking forward to seeing more of your cannabis journey here.


Since this is my intro and If there are no objections I’d like to throw up some more pics. There’s not alot of people I can share them with.

Cream Caramel auto.

Caramel Cookies.

Bubba Trouble auto by Magic Strains. I won these seeds a couple years ago but this was from about a month ago.

Bubba Trouble auto top view

Granola Funk photoperiod from the dispensary seed. Ran 12/12 from sprout. Little over 2oz dry.

One of the white dwarf auto reg crosses I made. Very cool small plants. I’ve got about 3 or 4 regular crosses I’ve done with them with 1 being fem.

Sorry guys but I take alot of pics and been dieing to share with someone. Appreciate this space to share.


@coaltrain Some people get panicked when they smoke a strong Sativa. You might be susceptible to that.
I would try only Indica one day and only Sativa the next and see what happens. It may be that simple for you.


This is your thread @coaltrain, post whatever you like. This is your page for your grow journal or whatever you like.


Looks great! The panic happens at low consumption rates. The more you smoke, the more that will subside. Kev is right,sativas do make folks a bit more on the paranoid side.