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Tip of the day: bookmark favorite topics

See a topic that you find interesting and would like to refer back to later? There’s a bookmark feature that lets you mark your favorites for later reading.

From the topic that you want to bookmark, scroll down to the bottom of the first post in the topic. You’ll see three dots to the left of the Reply button:

Click on those three dots to expand the menu options:

Click on the bookmark icon (between the pencil and the wrench) and the topic is now bookmarked for you. The bookmark icon will turn green to indicate that you’ve successfully bookmarked that topic:

You can do the same thing on individual posts as well to bookmark them separately.

To view your bookmarks, click on your avatar in the top right and click on the bookmarks icon in the first row:

That will take you to your bookmarks list where you can quickly access any bookmarked topic. There’s a Remove Bookmark button as well, in case you need to clear out old bookmarks:

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