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Tip of the day: Posting anonymously

If you have a question that you’re nervous about asking, you can switch to anonymous mode. This lets you post without your main account being associated. To switch to anonymous mode, click on your avatar in the upper right, and click on the icon of the man in the hat and trench coat:

Once you are in anonymous mode, your avatar will change to be the letter A. To switch back to regular mode after you’ve made your post, click on the stop icon that now shows where the man in the hat was:

You can switch back and forth as many times as you need to complete your anonymous topic. The anonymous profile will stay the same for one week after the first time you enable it. After that, switching to anonymous mode will create a second anonymous profile that has no connection to your first one. This is done so that multiple anonymous questions can’t be connected together to figure out who the anonymous person is.

Note: this feature is to protect the identify of someone who needs to ask an anonymous question and shouldn’t be used to post things that would otherwise violate the rules of the site, such as insults or personal attacks.

We’re seeing several people accidentally go into anonymous mode, meanwhile there aren’t any non-accidental uses of this feature. So I’m going to turn it off for now to avoid confusion. If anyone does have a burning desire to post something anonymously just let me know and I can turn it back on again.

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