To dab or not to dab?


Are you a dabber? Why or why not? What is your preferred method: do you like an enail, nectar collector or a rig? Quartz or titanium? Let’s chat dabbing!



Dabber? YES.
Why? While I still like to smoke joints:
(1) no residual smell
(2) more potency/dose size
Preferred Method: titanium nail. I like the enail, but I guess I like to stick to the oldies…I had a PS2 when PS4 came out…

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Me too! Dabs and jays and bong rips for days.

Why no enail? I would dab a lot less were it not for the enail. I have a hard time with the torch…

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like I said, I had a PS2 when PS4 came out. When the enail came out, I was torching away with walmart propane minis. If something aint broke, dont try to fix it is my motto. HOWEVER…now since enails are cheap, I AM looking to get one, cuz its PS4 time!

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I liked my atomizer for concentrate. The whole torch/rig/dab/hit (oh dont burn urself!) Was a lot of work… The enail is new news to me… Gonna do some research…lol i am still a (kinda)newbie too…(to dabs) jus puttin it out there. Been on “flower” for 20yrs tho…lolol

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