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To dab or not to dab?


Are you a dabber? Why or why not? What is your preferred method: do you like an enail, nectar collector or a rig? Quartz or titanium? Let’s chat dabbing!

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Dabber? YES.
Why? While I still like to smoke joints:
(1) no residual smell
(2) more potency/dose size
Preferred Method: titanium nail. I like the enail, but I guess I like to stick to the oldies…I had a PS2 when PS4 came out…


Me too! Dabs and jays and bong rips for days.

Why no enail? I would dab a lot less were it not for the enail. I have a hard time with the torch…


like I said, I had a PS2 when PS4 came out. When the enail came out, I was torching away with walmart propane minis. If something aint broke, dont try to fix it is my motto. HOWEVER…now since enails are cheap, I AM looking to get one, cuz its PS4 time!


I liked my atomizer for concentrate. The whole torch/rig/dab/hit (oh dont burn urself!) Was a lot of work… The enail is new news to me… Gonna do some research…lol i am still a (kinda)newbie too…(to dabs) jus puttin it out there. Been on “flower” for 20yrs tho…lolol


Me too! I won’t ever give up my flower, but a dab every now and then is a nice complement to flower :drooling_face:


I’ve been using a Pax 3 with it’s concentrate crucible for awhile to consume my resin extracts, but just ordered an e-nail kit a few days ago - should get here in the mail tomorrow I think.

I still prefer smoking flower (generally out of a pipe - it’s easy, quick, and usually just the right amount for me) but am trying to branch out. I make extracts primarily for making e-juice, but am trying to broaden my horizons.


You decided?

That’s still my preferred method also. Although I really like the flavor my Davinci IQ delivers.


I did. I’m smashing a lot of stuff to reduce the amount of flower I have stored up. Easier to store and keep the extract. :smiley:


That’s my thinking. We have over 5 pounds and I still have 4 plants to trim, lol. Running out of space. We bought a security cameras though, wanted something to watch over this stash, lol


Starting to realize my asthmatic airway doesnt like dabs from a rig…the pen is cool. Some strains of flower still close my throat hole…lol friend of mine gave me an inhaler…best fukn friend ever! LoL i need to figure out why some strains are more harsh than others. Is it the type of terpenes? Is it jus my allergies? Mold here in oklahoma is rampant so ive found i have to spray my plants or they will mold… I did smoke some middlefork?and it tasted like mold to me…idk if its that type/strain or grower/facility…most are inside so (jus thinking outloud) prolly isnt a mold per say…but idk…im new here compared to these vets


Could definitely be a mold even if indoors. Fuzzy grey mold can definitely attack indoor gardens (I have had it happen on two indoor grows so far - never a total crop killer for me).

What are you spraying on your plants to prevent it? I have been looking at preventive fungicides to use in early to mid flower myself.


I hardly smoke flower now…dabs for days
Helps having access to a press and closed loop though…homegrown to homemade




I’ve never had a dab before. Someone hook me up!


If you are ever in central MA hit me up and I’ll square you away. :smiley:


Have you checked out using a myco based foliar spray? Probably only til early bloom.


I have made a small investment in a well-reviewed fungicide to apply as a preventative measure this time around - but the main thing is I just added more/better fans to the tent.

I picked up a Southern Ag fungicide product that supposedly can be applied up until harvest, but I am just going to apply it during the transition period this grow and see what happens.


You know it is nearly the same thing as hydroguard. And you could spay a mixture of hydroguard and it would be – less what ever the other stuff in in AG.


Ground to dab… absolutely dab… instantly high… and every bit of it almost home extracted… I have 1 or 2 that were bought…I know what is in 95% since we make it… press, column and a washer… and quartz banger on a recycler with an enail that never leaves 630F