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Todd Mccormicks knowledge and recipe for Terpene-Cannabanoid infused Hemp Seed Oil

It took me a minute to find this post I read, but I remembered how much knowledge I gained from reading it.
Todd’s recipe for making the oil is very simple. Just add ground cannabis and all its trichomes into a bowl of Hemp Seed Oil. Then add both into the fridge for 3 days. Then strain your oil to remove any plant material.
All the trichomes packed with medicine will be disolved into the oil.

Thanks for all your knowledge and work @todd.mccormick!!


Fascinating and interesting read, you are right, the recipe is simple. Hemp oil and flower, the oil does the work and absorbs the good compounds. I really want to try this.

Todd is one of the legends in cannabis and so are his seeds. I been wanting to buy for a couple years. He has the original Durban lines from Mel Franks collection.


I’m going to be checking back frequently to get some of those original Mel Frank Durban Poison seeds. I want some of those!!


I made some oil this week using 20 oz of hemp seed oil, and adding 28 grams of Maui Wowie to the oil.
I then let it sit in the fridge for 96 hrs to let all the omega fatty acids absorb all the cannabanoids and terpenes.
Then strained it with cheese cloth.

I forgot to photo the 1st steps.

I’m excited about adding this medicine into my regimen to get a good source of cannabanoids in their acidic form. Plus the excellent source of omega fatty acids in the hemp seed oil.


we need more of this. the actual medicinal side of things… thank you ty!!!


I agree my friend! I love continually educating myself about this amazing plant we call Cannabis.
In the past I tried to juice my leaves to get my acidic cannabanoids. But it tastes horrible!
I’m glad I came across the info from Todd Mccormick.


@homey something you can read

And what would that be?

Article at the top @homey

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