Tomatoes too

I was wondering if it’s OK to grow other flowering plants (tomatoes) close to my Marijuana plants like just a few feet away thanks in advance hope everyone is doing well I haven’t been here in awhile


Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Maybe grow some mint, basil, rosemary, or catnip. Bugs don’t dig those plants.


Cannabis is very territorial and jealous… they see you spending time with other plants and the reefer plants are likely to uproot and kill the tomatoes…ever see the movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” or “Refer Madness” the shits real man… like Steve McQueen in the Blob real.


Damn you are funny. I just read your reply aloud, in a deep voice and made a couple people laugh.

In all seriousness, cannabis is a great companion plant and visa versa. However be careful with tomatoes, they will compete for the same nutrients as cannabis, once in flower they will compete for sunlight, water and I also find tomatoes are prone to get spider mites which will transfer to cannabis plants.


Not to mention tomato’s get whiteflies and aphids really bad too. Never had a spider mite problem on my tomatoes but every other thing for sure.



OK thanks guys that’s all I need to hearthey will have there own space by tomorrow last thing I want is spider mites or any other bugs harmful bugs try to be careful anyway since I work in lawn care not to bring anything back to my garden so far so good knock on wood thanks again ward