Too much time on my hands, Volume Two: The Laughing Man

This fits the board because I am toking my own while doing it and DIY is the very definition of my afternoon. If you have ever tried to follow a long-running plot in anime while stoned, you lose it quickly because of any of;

  • Too many episodes spread across seasons
  • Too many filler eps strewn in between the good ones
  • And even if you watched just the key story arc episodes, the every 22 minute-credits and following opening creds of the next episode can be so jarring it can throw you right out of the plot.

So I took the so-fine OpenShot video editor and the entire run of GITS:SAC, extracted all of the Laughing Man episodes in one pile and the Individual Eleven in another. Finally I edited all of the eps for each storyline into a single uninterrupted story, with only opening creds on the very first episode and closing creds at the very end.

The resulting video is the cleanest way to view the story IMHO. Laughing Man generated 2 2+hour video files and the Individual Eleven created a single 4-hour video. No breaks to screw up the story, no “previously on…” to mess me up.

So if you have some excellent meds requiring visual feeding, this is a primo mind-treatment…for free no less…