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Top Cannabis Technology for 2019

Curious about the best tech available? Take a look:

Supergrower, myself included, hopes all of the lovely community members have had a wonderful a flower-full year of growing. This year, as with every year prior, has shown the quick growth and expansive opportunities in the cannabis space, and 2019 should prove no less amazing!

As we close 2018 and enter 2019, I want you all to have access to some of the coolest technologies out there to make your life a little easier and take your growing to the next level. I hope to personally hear from each and every one of the @growopowners and @mastergrowers on this platform.

What’s your favorite piece of technology currently being used? What makes your life easier?



I love the idea of reflecting on the last year.

  1. Got to try my first Comercial decarbinated concentrate.
  2. Got to try more than 30 new strains as a consumer visiting retail operation.
  3. Finnaly met some one else who calls Keefe sprinkles. :upside_down_face:. So I could ask for a preroll with sprinkles.
  4. Got to play with a new volcano!
  5. Found a new uses for my sousvide!
  6. Meet some really interesting people on this forum.

I like the article, but I hate my Pax3. The Pax3 might be right for the casual user but it does not meet my needs as a medical dilvery system. The valcano is still my favorite.

Next year I am planning on two conferences.
And trying a lot of new verities and products.

From the voices in my head



I agree with you @ethan, my Volcanos are over a decade old and they are still the best vapes on the market for flower that I have tried to date, hands down.


I agree with @Growernick, but will add works well with wax an concentrate too.


What were your new uses for your sous vide???


My whole family uses them best way to cook brisket or beef ribs.

Sous weed has a great choice of dishes

From the voices in my head


I’ve used mine to cook brisket a few times… rave reviews!


I do a simpler recipe for the SouVide portion. We buy a full brisket at about 40Lbs trimed. Cut into about 2 to 4 lbs sizes. Fresh black pepper ground, one bay leaf, one clove garlic, 3 inches rosemary, and a table spoon olive oil. Seal in each vacuum package.

Cook for 36 hours.

Freeze for later use.

Unfreeze slice and put your favorite finish on it put covered in a 350 oven for an hour.

I like a sun dried tomato, basil pesto and pine nut concoction in the final bake.

My father in law likes just tomatoes and onions.


Awesome! Thanks for the new idea! Have a great holiday :slight_smile:


@Growernick, I couldn’t agree with you more… until I tried the Ghost MV1. I mean, I liked it so much I left my home for the past decade in Brooklyn to move to LA just to work with them… so, I might be somewhat bias :slight_smile: You should check it out yourself. Don’t want to take the place of your volcano, but a Ghost MV1 would look pretty dope next to it on your table!


I love my new Ghost MK1 vape Device! I will write a full review of an old man’s unboxing. But, this is definitely the best portable product I have used. And the packaging is simply a marking dream. Ghost Vape MK1 :hugs::grimacing::+1:

From the voices in my head


Nice, what’s the cost?


well, we’re not kidding when we say high-end, but we have options: