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Total automated feeding - no more scheduling

I’ll add bulk EC when I layout a single board for all these sensors. Bulk EC when combined with the dielectric constant of the rockwool cube can supposed be used to calculate pore EC(= to EC of drain water).

These data point can be used to measure water uptake by the plant when combined with room humidity, water flow data, etc.Any missing water becomes plant tissue. Whether we can accurately predict yields will be seen.

The wifi controller even supports video and low cost RFID reader.


video seem to work download from my google drive here -


@Robogrow That looks great, has it moved on from here? As part of our product development we have created a messaging framework and infrastructure which may be of interest to you, it would allow you interact with your own devices as well as others if you wanted.

I would think there is an interesting potential for some collaborative work and I would really like to discuss this further with you. Please drop me a line if you are interested.


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Witing for interest from the industry and or own grow application.

Right now we are developing robotic mowers and applicators for the golf course and landscape maintenance industries.

Not sure how another messaging framework will help us.

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We are using very similar technology in terms of hardware to what you are using and we had to solve a number of challenges around making the system both secure and easy to use, figured it might be able to save you some time in terms of development.

I see you are using a capacitive moisture sensor, have you found it to be better than the usual offering (two exposed metal strips)?

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70-80mhz water content probes require adjustment based on EC. These are $100+ probes.

Resistive and contact probes are relative to their media contact at any point in time. But might work well in certain soils.

We are working on a wide frequency scanner that can also work as a close in radar for our mobile robots.