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Tradeshow Scanners

Have any of the vendors used the scanning devices at the trade shows (such as CannaCon) to scan the participants badges? Love to know your thoughts.

I am curious as to what data it captures?



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We have used them and they are ok. We tend to use ones that operate off of our iPhones. It gives you back whatever data the registrant put in - which can sometimes be incomplete. The most interesting piece of data it shares is whether the person you scanned came just for the exhibit floor versus being a full conference attendee. We are a technology company but still head home with stacks of business cards too.

  • Ed Keating
    Cannabiz Media
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Good information. can you share who’s app you use?


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It’s been dictated by whoever runs the show. LeadsPlus is one that is still on my phone and ExpoPass is another.

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Got it… I too have leased them from the show sponsors, but I am looking for a generic app that will read the QR code. I know that there are a number of them out these. When we choose one, I will let you know.