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Training and Education

Hi Friends, greetings from the middle of the world, Ecuador.

As the deadline for the regulation is close, October 19th, we started to train and educate small farmers about Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. Here are some photos of the 2 workshops we have done in a small town near my city, Riobamba, province of Chimborazo.

(We are looking for funding for this educational project, soon we’ll have a Crowdfunding for this).

Would love your input!


@paulcoyote, fantastic news and great to see your movement going forward. I am not to sure about your laws, but a good way to get attention to people that may be interested is offering good seeds as a draw card. eg come to our presentation and get a pack of 10 seeds to start. People are always looking for seeds and good seeds are hard to source for people that dont know the cannabis industry.

Maybe also do a practical workshop, where people learn and get dirty with their hands. Get them to do some productive labour, say for instance starting a vegetable garden with cannabis.

Great work and well done for teaching people about cannabis. It takes alot of work.



Thanks for your wishes @chrisj!

Next workshop will be how to make Cannabis ointment with eucalyptus and rosemary.

We can’t give away seeds because it is still illegal. Still can’t buy cannabis or hemp seeds legally, so, everything will be with placebos.

The garden is a great idea, we have done it before with medic,inal plants only, now we have to add Cannabis.

Have a nice weekend!


That is the problem with legalisation I see all over. ITs like saying growing tomatoes is legal but you cant buy or trade tomato seeds legally, so essentially making one a criminal again. In South Africa seeds are still illegal, but we have about 40 plus seedbanks distributing seeds now. Sunny South Africa for shady people. Have a good weekend.

Next workshop will be how to make Cannabis ointment with eucalyptus and rosemary.

I would love to attend a workshop like that.


How do I go about enrolling in the Educational program about the above topic please.


Awesome idea, and I’m very much interested in the program.

Hi @bryankp!

Are you in Ecuador? Just drop us a line to [email protected]

See you soon!

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No in Florida

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Sorry @bryankp, we are just teaching in situ and there is no wifi in the area. But, if you want to come and volunteer (when it’s possible), everyone is welcome!


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What state are you in?

Let me know what information you want or need for me to help educate the world. I have a few different types of Degrees, Certifications,and I love to teach, and :heart::heart: to learn more about the industry. Word of the day is Autodidact. A person who learns how to master the field of study by self teaching or education with No UNIVERSITIES, Institutions,Professors.

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I live in Ecuador, South America, in the central highlands, province of Chimborazo. Near this pointólica_de_Chingazo_Alto

Is the community where we are working, I live in Riobamba, a city nearby, 15 km west.

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Great now I can take a break from studying and try to ping that part of South Africa. Cool and I’ll be back.

South America :smile:

Voice to message I have to turn it off. This has happened more than a few times.

Do you have or know a store address, I would like to see it by Google Maps Satellite, yes real time images

There is a couple of places in Quito known as growshops.

Pájaro de fuego grow
QGV5+XJ Quito

They are not really “grow shops”. They sell parafernalia and some soil and nutrients.

Could be a good idea for bussines!

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