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Trim...wet or dry?

Most days we are out in large facilities these days, and just about all are moving to a dry trim. Back in my caregiver days, we prided ourselves on wet trim, and hand manicuring before the dry cycle. I think most large grows are leary of the expense in hand trimming and perhaps to some extent the vigor that some trimmers used on the flowers…in my experience, a vigorous wet trim releases more chlorophyll and thus more grassy smell to combat in the dry and cure cycle. So, what to do prefer, wet or dry? If you use dry, do you trim pre-cure or post-cure (sounds silly, but some shops follow this practice)?


Whole plant hang. Dry trim. Cure.

Perfection every time. No chlorophyll taste/smell.


Same as Growernick. Hanging for 6 to 7 days with Las Vegas dessert dry climate. Cured while waiting for Lab results.


Here in the great white north I have found trimming wet beneficial to allow better air circulation around the lovely ladies as they tend to get cranky when internal humidity is trapped in resulting in mold and subsequently a viking funeral : (


We do the same Growernick. Whole plant hang, dry trim, cure. Tried and true.


Same, slow and steady is what breaks down chlorophyll and allows time for any remaining nutrients to be exhausted.


I agree with this. Slowing down drying to the longest time possible by hanging the entire plant leaves the least room for error, and provides a gentle drying period!


I’ve recently switched from wet trimming to dry trimming. The difference is incredible. On another site, someone mentioned a sort of plasma coating action that may happen during wet trim. I can see that since fresh is just so juicy so-to-speak.

Another thing is, I have two samples of the same string–different plant. Both started curing around June 13 but the dry-trim bud is so much more pungent than the other, and it was when it was put in the jar.

I’m convinced that dry trim is definitely better.


I agree with all your points!