Trimming from start to harvest

Does anyone have a schedule for trimming the fan leaves, etc from start to finish? I’m confused on what to take out early and what to leave.

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I only take off the leaves if they are blocking light to more important growth underneath. Or if they are old leaves that are fading and can easily be plucked off.
(other than taking off any under growth that will ultimately finish to larf right from the get go)

Do you mean throughout the grow, or during harvest and drying?

During the grow I’ll remove about the bottom half of my plants (all leaves and shoots/buds) during the flip into flower. Some people do it just before switching to 12/12, others will wait a few weeks until all of the stretching is done then trim.

Some people remove large fan leaves every couple of weeks throughout flower. I know people who like to strip the plants completely of fan leaves in the last week or two of flower and only leave the sugar leaves.

When drying I’ll remove all fan leaves at the time I chop the plant and hang it for drying. After it has dried I’ll trim the sugar leaves. This is called dry trimming.

Others will remove all fan leaves and trim the sugar leaves when they harvest the plant, then hang it to dry. This is called wet trimming.


Thank you to the folks who replied. I now have a much better idea. Good growing.

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Thanks Guys, you have clarified a lot. Now to watch the girls grow and bloom.