True North Seed Bank - Buyer beware - Poor customer service, possible scam

As a first-time customer of True North, I purchased three seeds; one from three different strains. I decided to just germinate two for the time being. I placed each seed in a 12oz cup of distilled water with about a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide added. After a couple of days, I saw the tail come out, so with tweezers, I gently placed each seed (tail down) into a peat cup filled with a mixture of Fox Farm Ocean blend soil, Black Kow, and Perlite. I put some water on each and a couple of days later one had sprouted. After a few more days the other had not yet sprouted and I saw that it had died. I contacted True North and, per their request, provided a photo of the dead seed and explained in detail my germination steps.
They replied that, due to a recent “policy change,” they can only give me a store credit, not a refund as I had requested.
They replied with a store credit email but did not credit the full cost of the seed. I politely replied that I wanted a refund of the full cost of the seed and that, even with a store credit, I would still be required to pay additional shipping for a replacement.
They ignored that request.
True North is very suspect and, even though they advertise on this forum and I am sure a lot of business comes their way through this forum, they are still sketchy and are not oriented to great customer service and return customers.
I bet there are a lot of other seed providers that are considerably more trustworthy, so patronize those companies and not True North!


Hi @ArtVandalay

Sorry to hear about your frustration with the service of True North Seedbank. They do not advertise with us, but we do have an affiliate link to their site as they are one of our preferred seedbanks, found here.

They are a well known and respected seedbank. Its unfortunate for you that they have changed their company policy and only offer store credit, however have you checked their “return policy”:

We guarantee to refund via store credit any item you are not totally happy with, if returned in accordance with our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Personally I would choose new seeds, and ask them for a bonus seed, and say thank you very much and try again.


Also True North is expensive place to purchase anything


Well you will feel my pain then, they selling Durban Poison Fem for $12.05, locally I can buy them for $15, or I can buy 3 Durban Fem seeds from at $26.91, still more than True North.

Cheap seeds are not always the answer, it often leads to cheap service. Do you have any examples of them being more expensive @HawkMan ?


I agree with you bought a coffe cup for $55.00 (cup + postage) now when it comes to seeds I spend any werer for $60.00 to $100.00 talking Ethos, Mass Medical, In House. I STAND CORRECTED there are a few more bank that offer very cheap seeds. I’LL get the names a post them