Trump suggesting death penalty for drug Convictions


Has anyone listened to this yet?
I spit out my coffee this morning when I heard him talk about how great it would be to have the death penalty for drug traffickers. That has the potential although highly unlikely, to have cannabis producers put to death under current law if we adopted the death penalty for drug convictions.
Thank God the guy has a horrible time trying to put together a cohesive sentence that has any semblance of grammar. Trying not to lie or mislead also seems to be a huge problem for him.
His BS reasons for cirmcuventing Checks and balances are disturbing as well, but seeking death penelties for anything scares the hell out of me.



“President Xi has agreed to put fentanyl on his list of deadly, deadly drugs and it’s a criminal penalty, and the penalty is death,”



BTW, some believe that is two bags of Fentanyl being loaded into a Blackhawk helicopter during a raid in Downtown LA last week. If so, that’s easily enough to kill the entire population of LA:
1 min/30 sec into the video, notice the hazmat suits:

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He did say that, but he also praised how drugs( not just fentanyl) are not a problem if you just put anyone convicted of drug trafficking to death in other countries. I interpreted it as a dictatorial way to get rid of descent by death through any drug conviction . A little reaching, but you never know. It just seems like a very scary path we could go down.

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Maybe he was referring to the CIA, the largest trafficker, and the pharmaceutical companies caught supplying cartels with ingredients for meth.

At any rate, I fully expect cannabis to be de-scheduled. It’s just ridiculous to have it in schedule I with Fentanyl.

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no offence to anyone…
I usually don’t like to get into discussions of this type, because it usually starts out by a HUGE JUMP to a conclusion that was never even on the table…
I can’t see the relationship between what president Trump said about smuggling and trafficking FENTANYL, that has been proven to be able to kill someone with an amount similar to a grain of salt, and the legal production of recreational and medical cannabis… I think it is a stretch to think that was the intent of his comment.




None taken…
I was referring to the comment by @mwmzx6:
“I interpreted it as a dictatorial way to get rid of [dissent] by death through any drug conviction . A little reaching, but you never know. It just seems like a very scary path we could go down.”

Trying to bring it ‘home’ :wink:



Why would a guy who is in favor of decriminalization and legalization that has more tied up in cannabis investigates then we all make in a year want to put any of us to death. He wouldn’t. This is completely insane. In fact it is my opinion that this is what the hell is wrong with our country. People get triggered and respond to a headline with out even reading the body of a story…sometimes they even read the body of a story and don’t fact check it and then react. (Not accusing the OP of this behavior) Mark my words that come 2020 he will be running on the legalization platform.

Now if you want to talk the real travesty… nearly all of capital hill is someway or somehow tied to this industry via investments. What I thought to be extremely bizarre is that the lawmakers on CH are blaming the DEA for the hold up and not moving cannabis from a schedule 1 to a schedule 3 drug. IF that were to happen the the thousands of facilities that are awaiting permits just to test marijuana and its beneficial and/or possible negative side affects could be approved immediately instead of the average 9 year wait they have now. HOWEVER the ones claiming they are waiting on the DEA make the laws are the same ones thus controlling the DEA. So I think THEY will manipulate the system and laws when it best suits the largest return on their investments. Just saying!! :tipping_hand_man: :tipping_hand_man: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:



I completely agree with everyone’s posts. I was just pointing out the potential danger of his remarks. When Trump points out that he like’s and thinks other countries policy on putting people to death in drug conviction cases, its a scary ass possibility. I know he was referring specifically Fentanyl but other countries like the Philippines persecute all drugs. He rhetoric claiming the media is the enemy of the people is as dangerous as suggesting death for drug offenses. It is a little paranoia, but I could see a “1984” situation becoming real with this type of speech, and I hope people can recognize it as unhealthy quips coming from our nation’s leader.

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We need GLOBAL legalization of ALL drugs. What we put in our bodies is not part of what the government should be allowed to do.

Also Darwins Law will clean us of many many that dont need to be here. Crime will drop. aswell as overall drug use.

Just my opinion though. it isnt popular. Bit think about. The ODs get rid of the worst of the worst. After that most wont even try drugs. aswell the novelty wears off pretty quick. Just look at cannabis use numbers in legal states.