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Try before you buy - Organic Pesticide for Crops

Miticide Green: Might Beats Mite

Russet Mites, Broad Mites, and Two-spotted Spider Mites may be tiny, but they can pose a big problem to your crops. Miticide Green safely kills these mites, even during the flowering stage, while leaving your plants unharmed.


The active ingredient in Miticide Green is soybean oil. Soybean oil is a source for polypeptide protein molecules. On contact, Miticide Green acts to emulsify the waxy outer layer that is part of the exterior of the target insect’s skeleton. When the waxy outer layer is gone, the fluid inside the insect quickly evaporates, killing the insect. This method is considered a “mechanical kill” and as a consequence strains of insects are unlikely to develop a resistance or immunity.

State Certified

Only Miticide Green™ is California Title 16 Compliant

Safety Data Sheets

All the important information on Miticide Green, it’s care, use, and ingredients.

Free sample

Try before you a buy with a free 2 oz. sample of Miticide Green


For more information, feel free to DM me @michelle.miticide

Looking forward to using our might to beat your mites!


I noticed many growers are extremely sensitive to pesticides.

They want everything as organic as possible.

Your Miticide seems pretty good in that regards.

Are there any ingredients in it which may be harmful for the cannabis consumer?


Is your product approved for 502 application in Washington State?


Thanks for reaching out! Our miticides are “generally regarded as safe”, or GRAS. No SLS surfactants, essential oils, pesticides, “bad inactives”, etc. I can provide you with a test performed to CA specifications if you would like. It is quite a lengthy list conducted on 50lbs of product and all had either ND or NT (“none detected” or “no trace”). We are very proud of this product and I am happy to provide you with more information. Just email me at [email protected].

For your 2oz sample, which will make 2 gal of product, please note that because it is soy oil based that you should apply in low light and you need to dilute MG with distilled or DI water. Distilled water from any supermarket will work. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Hi Marty,
Thanks for asking. To be 502 “compliant” you need to use pesticides on the Pesticide Information Center Online (PICOL) Databases put out by WSU. We represent this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and is in accord with USDA 21 CFR 178.3400 and/or found on GRAS list, Parts 170 to 199 as containing exempt food grade proteins. We are in the process of registering with the WA Dept of Ag currently.

Thanks much,