Trying mammoth P for the first time

Has anybody else used Mammoth P? I hear really good things about it and decided to try it out. So expensive, $35 for 4 oz of concentrate

My temporary veg room lol

It has a real limited shelf life I have used it before and won’t buy it again.
Buy only what you need on that stuff is like $1.85 per mL when I did the math in 2018.
Watch what happens inside the bottle in 30-60 days. That tells you right there it’s b.s.
All it is 1 Pseudomona like 20K CFU. Whoopy. There many products are the market that have it.
Some Inoculants on the market like KTL Microbes have a few Pseudomonas and it’s bonded to dextrose, sucrose, aminos, fulvic, yeast, for canna.
I won’t buy anymore watered down inoculants as the shelf life is a huge negative.
Mammy P does not contain an activator and if you want to learn more DM.
Kyle M