TSA said you can bring your weed on the plane?! Wait a sec

In a statement veiled in vagueness, the feds have revised their attitude on cannabis in the friendly skies. The language in the memo is so gray it can only be ascribed to the federal government; but the memo states the TSA has relaxed its attitudes concerning medical marijuana products…allegedly, and to a certain point. CBD products derived from hemp will now be allowed to fly, but the TSA will still confiscate and refer for prosecution to local law enforcement individuals found in possession of cannabis or cannabis infused products…but they are not actively looking for said “contraband” What gives?

Will you please read this memo from the feds and tell us what you think?



For any Canadians as long as you’re on a domestic flight you can have possession of cannabis. There are dump off bins if your flight is going international.

The bins caused as stir for a few weeks initially as people were joking about these bins being a free weed box. That was controlled real quick.


We had a good laugh about this one in the GN office. Thanks for sharing that, @Zoticuss!

Hopefully the day comes soon when we can fly internationally with our cannabis products


That would be the day! Who knew bringing a non evasive plant across a line would cause so much ruckus


Had a colleague recently fly down to LA from Oregon, whom checked a mason jar full of bud. Heard reports of people transporting 10 lbs in such manner.


I can understand the Mason jar…but 10 lbs?! That sounds like a recipe for a federal indictment!


When I flew home a couple months ago, I had a few pre rolls in my pocket, several G of wax, clean Vaporizer, rolling papers, lighter. I also let TSA tendent know I had seeds on me with COA and asked not to go through XRay and she recommended I order a beer on the flight. No joke.
This was before the TSA legalized canna and after the shut down.
Soon we will be vaping on planes with overhead hookah. No not really.

Do you guys see what’s going on in USA?
It’s about to be legal in a few years!
I also had about an 1/8th of dry flower in my checked bag.
All sealed up in original package and not hurting anyone.
I have a Medical Card where I live.
Just as long as your are not trying to smuggle weight they don’t seem to care now.
Be Careful and smart about it.

Also, if you travel to an area not legal, I like to roll my own joints and keep them in a dube tube and toss it in my luggage with toiletries. BYOWeed when traveling I do.

Look for BOMBS and KNIVES not my meds!
Thank you,


TSA please check for bombs not bongs!


Just did same thing flew in and out of 1 State and back Home with my daily 8G limits of live rosins,sap the best concentrates I could find and saved $.
If you travel with concentrates, keep them in your carry on or personal item or checked bag, not on you. I try to consolidate and fill up glass, ceramic cases and spread them out in my gear. Take off THC labels. Let TSA scan your bags as they are not looking for small amounts of flower or dabs or even prerolls. Vape pens and Peaks should be cleaned in solvent 1st before traveling and stored same way in case.
TSA will hassle young children or anyone trying to bring food in more so than CBD or THC.
Just from what I see.
If you are trying to sneak an ounce of dry flower, I would not do that but if you do, break it in Qs in airtight and spread it out in the bag and be friendly with TSA. Say Hi and be super cool to TSA.


Great advice and safe travel SOPs. Thanks for the pro tips @FarmerK!

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