Tucsonian - 1st Grow Purple Haze Photoperiods

Hi all - I’m new here. Hoping to learn from this community! I’m a hobby grower - started my first grow 2/9 with 6 Purple Haze photoperiod seeds. 4 germinated and I vegged for about 8 week. Flipped to flower on 3/28 and discovered that 3 were male. I have one female. Was able to get 4 clones from her fortunately before I flipped the lights to flower. I have two clones that I didn’t label and I think one may be from her - the other a male - will find out eventually - lol! The 6 clones are vegging currently in my bathtub in a makeshift setup with a T5 light on a stand and car reflective window shields and a humidifier. My flower girl is currently in my grow tent under a Prism Lighting Science Stealth LED Grow Lights - 530W. She’s doing well (I think). From what I’ve read, this strain has a long flower period. Next planned grow is Girl Scout Cookie feminized and Green Crack feminized strains. The GSC seeds were from a sponsor so I have certain lights and nutrition I have to use for those as part of a comparative grow. The Green Crack seeds I bought - so those will be in the tent along with the PH clones.


Hi @websissy

Sounds like you having a good time growing and have some cracker seeds lined up. Haze is generally a sativa dominant strain, the original is a pure sativa that has a long flowering time, and more suited for outdoor growing. So you might have to get resourceful and start bending and tying down the beast. “Purple Haze” today probably has a fair amount of indica in it, so it will shorten the flowering time considerably. Check out the original haze recently posted by Todd McCorrmick on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CN0XqeBBhp1/


That’s huge! My girl is getting tall but slowing down the stretch - I haven’t adjusted my lights upward in 2 days!