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Turnkey Cannabis grow equipment with CBD Oil extraction Unit at one project location

Dear Friends / Vendorss / Business Partners:

Greetings / Namaskara.

Please arrange an offer to have a complete turnkey supply with stabilisation of production including the sales network from the reputed companies and request a return response… You can send your techno-commercial offer to : [email protected]

Minimum scope of Work with supplies and initial stabilisation including Marketing and sales support or can be with off take agreement:

Turnkey design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning of The Glass greenhouse to be designed to have the CBD Oil extraction with the following Scheme :

The Genetics - Mother Plants (Mother plants to make many unique strains), Vegetation/ Propagation, Flowering, Drying, Curing, Trimming, Packaging, EXTRACTION and then the sales model with operation and maintenance of the solar GH with 16 acre area for growing the Cannabis with its extraction shall be detailed in the DPR /Proposal.

What exactly are you seeking? Someone to help you plan your business or are you hoping to find someone to run their own business on those 16 acres?


This is not a grow from home discussion… this seems to be do it all for me please and I will reap the rewards… far more clarification required… people provide systems and the buyer provides the mother and strains… if I can offer that why would I share… buy my CBD and that is that…