Two weeks left!

Biscotti has really shown its colors!
Rays super Gas is sticky AF!!
AFGHAN Is getting thick annd will be the last one to finish!!
But man oh man… my second grow has been amazing!
And my third will be even better!!


She’s still fattening up for sure looking great have you thought about taking off some of those bigger fan leaves i think it helps the energy focus a bit more on the buds… pistils are still growing out I think you got about 3 maybe 4 weeks to go


Yea? My timing is so messed up… ill take your advice, because i know i threw my time line off…
Now i know to start timing once you flip the lights… at first i was waiting to see small buds… only my second grow so still learning

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Sometimes doing by the book isn’t necessary or if you get a strain that says 50 day flower yet 50 days flower its not ready… always remember trich color and pistil growth are ways to determine if she’s ready… I really don’t time my growth too much mainly do it by looks of the grow… I play with light timing each day and see how it goes

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