UK Growers for Pain-relief

Hello Britain

I know there are people out there, living with pain, or with family suffering from Pain, weather it’s MS, Neuropathy, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Apnea to name a few, I have taken the leap to grow for personal use, in a town, in the UK, to assist in family pain relief.

Open a door, share your reason, tips and recipes.



Hi @xm3 , welcome to GN and great to hear the journey you are on. There are loads of tips, and tricks on here, if you uncertain about anything, just ask.


Thank Chrisj, look forward to getting to grips with the site and helping where I can


@xm3 welcome to the comunity! Glad you made the choice to grow your own and care for your own family. I have been in 6 serious motorcycle crashes and i do not take pain pills! I hate pills in any form really. After my last surgery i wouldnt even take tylenol. It also helps my mental stability as i also have had 3 Traumatic brain injuries. I am always high for pain relief and it takes the edge off life and stupid people! Ive been in customer service/sales for 31yrs people can be hard to deal with sometimes!



Your story has so many similarities to ours, I’m proud to hear your resolve and resilience to push thru all the pain and keep moving forward, though hard, I try and always stay positive, dealing with a family members in pain, is frustrating, but in the moments of calm, Love conquers All.



I started growing because it was the most cost effective way to get quality cannabis for myself. One of the main reasons I use cannabis is for my mental health. I have severe depression and anxiety to the point I am on disability and they don’t review my condition anymore. The example they gave me for conditions in which they stop doing the reviews was a terminally ill cancer patient. I realize cannabis does not effect everyone the same, and alot of people get increased anxiety when they smoke. I’ve also seen people who prefer sativa for anxiety and depression symptoms but for me indica and indica Dom hybrids usually work best. I also realize that the way we classify Indica and sativa plants isn’t perfect but so far the majority of sativa and sativa Dom plants don’t help me as much.

A few years ago I was talking to a medical cannabis patient who had MS and they told me how much they paid for their cannabis. The amount they were paying for their medical cannabis did not sit well with me at all. That is when I decided I wanted to grow medically for patients to provide them with a quality product at a reasonable cost. I let them try some of what I had at the time and it was much more potent then what they had been purchasing. If I had my medical license then they would have signed up to be my patient and payed 2.5 times less then the amount they were currently spending.

Where I live you need to have ten years since your last cannabis conviction before you can apply. I am currently still waiting out the time period and practicing my skills so i will be even more prepared when the time comes.

The act of growing itself has also helped my mental health, it’s something I can find the motivation to do and something I can look forward to (new harvests, strains ect). I’ve also found some success growing and sharing my grow on a few platforms which also helps alot. There are still good days and bad days, but definitely less bad days then before I started growing.


With all the pain and frustration we suffer going through life, attending meetings for a medical management of Pain, was never something I dreamt of.

Producing your own medicinal solution is both humbling and really fuckin’ cool at the same time…

What ever your need, reason or dilemma, my mindset is changing to one of alternative solutions, for both financial and addiction issues/fears.

Great reading your story, treetrunks