Un-feminised CBD seeds

Hallo, newby CBD grower here. If online seeds shops don’t label their CBD seeds as feminised, does that mean they are not? From my brief research this evening, it looks as though autoflowering varieties can produce males, is this correct?
What I am looking for is CBD rich (15-20:1, less that 0.5% CBD) seed that is ‘natural’ in that it could produce males as well, so then I’m not dependant on buying seed every year. I’ve read that you can stimulate feminised plants to produce more feminised seed, or cross them with a male plant if another variety to produce seed, but the latter will cut the CBD content.
Any help much appreciated :call_me_hand:t2:


Hey @leifo, welcome to AFN! If the seedbank doesn’t label their stuff clearly I wouldn’t buy from them, where are you looking exactly? There’s too many legit seedbanks and breeder’s direct websites to deal with BS.

Yes, autoflowers can definitely produce males (it’s dioecious like photoperiods), but most breeders release feminized autos only…Gnome automatics is the only one off the top that drops regular autoflower seeds (sure there are plenty others).

Problem with breeding…either selfing a feminized plant to produce fem seeds only, or native female x male pollination…is that you may alter the THC:CBD ratios in the progeny depending on your selections. You’d have to send samples of the flower harvested from the progeny to get an idea of how the CBD ratios are, which ends up a lot more expensive than cost per seed from a legit breeder with stable feminized lines IMO.


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Lol, good info @jaxsonl5