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Underwater/Overwater other?

I’m worried my Runtz might be nearing critical condition. She looks like this and her leaves feel crispy:

-Transplanted clone, I believe she was the one that wilted when I first planted her but then sprang back
-Has been like this two days, I thought I had overwatered her so I let her dry a bit until I felt her leaves then I watered her again this morning (her rockwool felt a little dry as well)
For comparison here’s her Legend OG sister right next door who has suffered the same abuse.

I’ve basically made every mistake since I got them 12 days ago
-big pots (15 gal, 1 30), Didn’t use foliar spray or rooting compound despite them being clones, initially overwatered, set them up in fairly direct sun on a hot day right after I got them, did nothing for humidity. I’ve moved her grow bag a few times as well if that can open up air pockets or something?

I’ve been using a kelp spray and I have a package of plant propagation mix and some rooting hormone if you think it’s desperate enough that I should just take out the wet area and replace it?


Sorry to say, that first one is a goner. It sounds like your biggest problem was probably the direct sunlight. Clones and any other plants that have been indoors their whole life need to be “hardened off” to the sun and elements by being exposed in limited amounts at first, then increasing gradually.


Like stated above, your Runtz is a goner. Sorry about that.

Now, what kind of soil are you using? I see mulch on top maybe? Also, watering habits… how often are you watering, how much, and whats your climate situation? Average daytime temps?

Your Legend OG looks pretty good in comparison


When I first planted them it got into the 90s, it’s been cooler but it’s going back up to mid/high 80s. Been feeling 1 inch deep and waiting for it to dry before watering after the first few days of, “oh no they’re burning I need to water them more”
A mix of these 3 with 2/3rds of a bag of worm castings from the eccentric worm lady.


Hopeless or not I tried a hail mary, put it in some soilless soil with rooting compound and stuck a dome over it in the shade. The roots were nice and white but they were barely a millimeter out of the rockwool -essentially no growth since I got her 12 days ago.


Put it back in a cloner and leave it there for a week.

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What I had assumed were sunburn freckles from make-up misting I now think might be Spider-mite bites maybe. Gave my 5 remaining plants a thorough spraying with Neem oil (1.5 tsp +.5tsp dish soup in a quart). Set my fan over them, so much for trying to do this without electricity.

Will water them tomorrow morning.

They made a couple of movies about innocent hikers discovering biker gang pot plantations in the woods. I now realize that the Biker gangs were the good guys. If after all of this someone just comes along and takes my plants I’m going to cry myself to sleep FURIOUSLY.

Watered them again today. They’re small plants in 15 gal pots, I should be watering a little every couple of days rather than a lot once a week in this situation right? I used 12 cups for 5 plants (RIP Runtz) 80/20 filtered/tap is that an okay way to make sure they get Cal/Mg? I only gave it a few minutes of sun though for chlorine.


Yeah i was going to say mites! Oh no man those are not fun to deal with.

Damn. You got my positive vibes.


A number of Ex-bikers thank you for that.


Was 95 degrees today hosed the ground around the plants and walls 3 times to try to keep them cool/humid wasn’t very successful. Trying to walk the line between humidty/heat/light is hard. I covered everything in 94% reflective mylar later in the day, so hopefully unused light will be reflected away and not become heat. (not pictured)
Setup pre-mylar
I hope the Legend lean isn’t going to cause it problems…
-Pretty sure I have fungus gnats
-Some top leaves of my lovely Wakanda twisted themselves in spirals out of heat torment (not pictures)
-is Fritter Mints suffering from nitrogen deficiency?
RIP Runtz, she gave it her all and produced one last tomato.

Gave them a little Kelp spray for their leaves and moved them into the shade. Hopefully yesterday didn’t do too much damage. There’s a couple of white… splashes? on one of the plants. It couldn’t possibly be Mildew, I’ll wash it it off with a wet paper towel later.


RIP Runtz…but you gave your all for that one last tomato!!

So many tragedies can befall small seedlings or clones! Water, nutrients always come to the forefront.
Have you used this soil mix before??? If it’s not a mix you have experience with it may well be worth your efforts to take a quart or two of the soil and put it in a plastic pot…go ahead and saturate your sample and let it sit an hour. Come back after it has sat and drained add another cup or so of water and catch the runoff. Now check the runoff pH and EC…that will tell you a lot before sticking your small plants in them!

Another problem (especially with the higher temperatures you mention) is Pythium, a fungus that causes ‘damping off’. It will be your choice of course, but if your soil mix is pretty ‘hot’ you may want to get your young plants well rooted using a more inert medium…just FWIW and Better Luck with your future endeavors! Don’t despair there’s a learning curve to just about everything you do in life!!


Last summer I would get pitchers of ice cubes and surround the base of my plants with a layer of ice cubes to cool the ground.

I figured the ice would cool everything and still evaporate off and I wouldn’t worry about overwatering. Just my two cents. It worked for me.



-Watered them with a half-gallon of Jack’s Clone
-Sprayed them thoroughly with Neem oil spray
-Made a new setup, they’re permanently in the shade but with light from around the room reflected on them (want to focus it on the wall behind them and upgrade the paint -currently only reflects 86% light.

**Will not having direct sunlight on the soil cause me problems?
**Should I mix rooting compound in their water next time to try and compensate for the shade effect?

Watered them, put a small amount (5 balls and some dust) of Jack’s clone in the water. I’ve taken to spraying them in the mornings and evenings as an apology for it not being humid enough. Will this remove the neem oil protection?

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I am very intrigued at your goings on. I set the thread to watching, so I’ll know when you post next. I’m curious at what has transpired in these 5 days.


^Thanks man, I appreciate it, we’ll see if I wind up with weird sideways leaves XD
5/16 evening watered
5/19 -Apparently I’m not supposed to make a quart of neem oil spray and use it over the course of weeks. Gave my mistreated mjs a heavy fresh neem oil spraying. The smell really makes me want Chinese food.

It got a lot cooler and won’t be up to 80 again until Monday, is it okay to move them into direct sunlight on cooler days and then back into the shade on the hot, or will that cause chaos?

Photo taken at 6:30pm, It’s wonderful to see them growing, 22 days from getting them as clones is this in the normal growth range? How far out have their roots likely stretched?

the wind is causing havoc with my Mylar, really need to patch up my ramshackle walls.

5/20 moved them to a less shaded area and watered them. About how much water would you guess plants this size need assuming I water about once every 3 days?


Roots are generally speaking, as deep as the plant is tall. If you have a plant one foot tall, then the roots probably go down about a foot. Of course, you are in pots, so that won’t apply once the plant is taller than the bucket.


It was cool enough that it even rained a little later in the day, but they were getting direct sun and I noticed these bubbles and hair bumps. Is it way too early for trichomes to appear on the leaves? Are the bumps just goosebumps from the trichomes popping up if they’re trichomes?

If I grow again next year whatever strain is high in CBD and requires no maintenance and loves heat, that’s what I’ll go with, does it exist yet?


The bumps are normal. I’ve seen them in every grow so far. They flatten out as the leaf expands.

The perfect strain does not exist yet, maybe you will be the one to make it?


cannabis plants need less water than you would think. experiance is what you need learn from your mistakes. it will get better. good luck.


5/23 watered
5/26 watered and Neem oil sprayed. putting bowls of ice by plants in the afternoon

For the last few days I’ve moved them out of the shade, but monday will be 97 so I’ll have to move them back. Bought some hoola hoops (dollar store, since online pretends they don’t charge you for shipping by doubling or more the price) I’m going to try to turn into parabolic mirrors. first test is to see if the weight of water will gradually stretch the mylar for me, if that doesn’t work I’ll try using air pressure…

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