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This is my first grow and I am very much a learner and also not previously a cannabis user. I find that cannabis helps with my pain and as it is expensive to buy and I love gardening I decided to grow my own. I grew two plants organically outside from supposably the same seeds and was very pleased with my results. I harvested one which is amazing with a nice strong fruity smell. I have just dried the second plant but it has an unusual smell. The only way I can describe it is like furniture polish. I am reluctant to use this but I will wait until it is cured to see if there is an improvement. The plant had this smell whilst it was growing so could it just be the strain of the plant or some kind of disease or mold?


Let it cure. They always stink when you first dry them. A 3 week cure will fix that.

It could be a perfectly healthy terpene profile. Got pictures?

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Its a different phenotype. Like siblings each plant can be different. Or the phenotype is more of the father or the mothers traits! What strain is this?

Laughing Buddha strain has a unique smell as well. Like a sweet chem smell. Half the fun of growing is how stinky you can get your plants.

I bred two of my favorite smelling strains together hoping for something special. The new strain smelt like body odor…that was an odd one.


Thanks preybird I am hoping that you are right. The seeds were Malawi/Ducksfoot X Sativa. As the leaves did not look anything like Ducksfoot I assumed that they were more Malawi. They were very tall over 6 to 8 feet indicating Sativa. The buds were quite small although there was a lot of them. One had a very strong pleasant smell whilst growing yet the smell from the other one was not so strong yet totally different.

Thanks Homey, I hope that you are right as they smell terrible at the moment.

Sounds like you have some offsetting Terps from that pheno, nothing to worry about all safe to smoke! There are many undesirable Terp profiles some taste like paint thinners believe it or not, check out the thread “charts and graphs” on this forum, scroll to near the bottom I believe you will find a Terp chart where you will see many undesirable terps.you may wish to do an experiment, higher temp cures are used to remove undesirable Terps, this is a touchy process and results vary greatly depending on temps cured at and for how long ,I would start with 1 hr intervals of temps around 75f and see what it removes from the profile, anyhow hope the chart helps ease your concerns :wink:

Thanks, KevGrow. you are probably right. I am having trouble uploading pictures though but I will upload them once I figure it out. Both plants were almost identical except that the one that smells funky was a bit taller and if anything looked healthier.

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And as for the experiment I would use a small amount of bud to see what results you come up with, worst case scenario it will be lacking flavor

Thanks so much that is a great help.

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No problem happy to help