A quick glance into my first hydro grow… trying to identify male plants here

Way to early yet, plus you give no information

How old?
photo or auto?
if photo, have you switched to 12/12 and when?

My bad I’m super new to this blog posting I thought this post was connected to my previous post…

But I’m not sure of the genetics here these are bag seeds given to me…

But from seed they just went into the 3 week of veg 2days ago… i haven’t flipped them yet… they are currently still getting 18hrs of light under 600w MH Light

The Room Temp/Humidity Fluctuating Between 72F- 82F/ 56%- 70%

Ppms 900-1100
watered 6.3 Ph Water

Some strains show sex earlier than others (c99 for example) but, usually you have to flip to find out sex.

I normally veg for about 2 months (8weeks or more/less)

If you want to find out sex, you can take some clones and once rooted, flip the clones. Just make sure you mark what is what.

I know nothing of hydro so can’t help there, but many smart peeps here that can.

I haven’t grown since 2004, bought all new equipment and just waiting for beans to come in and get rockin :slight_smile:

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Even taking a clone can be enough to stress it into showing sex. I re set my tent and cut down some plants that were grown from seed. I culled a couple males within the first month and thought everything else was female. Clones were cut and the veg plants were composted. Some that I thought were female showed male traits 3 days after they were cut, even though I saw nothing before that. A bit of stress can show sex very quickly.


I think I will try that clone/flip… yeah I wanted to do abt a 4-5 week veg cause I’m limited with space. So I’m going to set my trellis net to employ a SCRoG Method… hopefully that will help me combat the overall Height of the canopy

Yeah that’s good info I will try that in a few days or so last week the plants were top/fimed so I wanted them to recover from that there’s all this extra baby foliage growing in the bottoms I wanted to clean up eventually

Here’s a diagram to help ID males/females. Basically, if you don’t get pistils out of the pods once those plants are old enough, you’ve got males. Most of the time, ones that grow the fastest and the tallest will be males. They’re genetically dominant I guess, but it’s just the way it is. I read something about it years ago and thought to myself…no way! But as I’ve grown now for several years and started oodles of seeds, it turns out that 99.9% of the plants I start from seed that grow very fast, are extremely beautiful, symmetrical and taller than the rest, will be males. The females tend to be shorter and more bunched in their nodal growth than the males. Just something to watch for. But the pistils is the identifier you look for. Honestly, most of those plants look like they’re getting close if they’re not already big enough to tell. With younger plants, look at the tops where growth is really starting to happen at warp speed. The pods will develop between the stalk and the leaf, right below the bud. I screwed up and got a light leak in my flower room and hermied my entire roomful. Then I had to do some major education in dealing with that situation. But most everything you need to know is already out there somewhere written down since we all make the same mistakes with this stuff. I will give you cudos. Your plants look like they’re nice and healthy and doing well. I don’t know what your lighting setup is for flower, but it’s going to take a lot of light to flower off all those plants at once so don’t try and crowd too many under too few lights. Give each plant the level of light it needs to get it to produce and give it room to do it’s thing. When you bunch them up together, you rob yourself of growth down below the canopy of the plant. Light is the key during the flower cycle. You have to have enough of it, in the right spectrum for bud growth and each plant needs room to do its thing.

I seriously hope I’m not coming off as being bossy or sound like I’m some kind of authority because I’m not. I’ve just been doing a little grow of my own for the past 5-6 years and the advice I offer comes from the experiences I’ve been through during that time. So let me be clear here…I am just another you a little further down the road. LOL. I don’t do a hydro setup. I started out in soil and that’s where I’ve kept it. It’s simple, pretty well maintenance free and I get a good yield per plant with the setup I have which, by today’s standards, is probably archaic. LOL I still use monster HPS lamps to flower with instead of the newer high-tech lighting. Yes, I have a rather large power bill every month, but I get some awesome size buds in return. Hope some of this might help you a little. Happy growing!! TWW

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Nicely put definitely going to keep my eyes open for those males… it’s wild cause this morning when I was checking the plants I had the exact same thought about the taller more symmetrical plants that they could be males… right now I have 600 watt MH & 600 Watt LED Lighting right now going into flower I was looking to go With either Both 600 Watt HPS with Either 600 Watt or 1500watt LED In the Middle between the Two HPS Lights


Too early!

Watch that one, for singing “D I C K O L A” in a giant Swedish gourd!

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Gotta tell ya, it looks more male in those pics. At same time, the photo is very grainy when I try to zoom in. At any case, a few days to a week is likely to tell more of a truth and yet drop no pollen yet to worry about especially if you have F in there the same maturity.

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