UPDATED -Saved from nutrient burn due to hard water on pre flower, now im confused if it is nutrient deficiency on late flowering. Is this Sativa or indica?

photos taken today 9/5/2020 4-5 weeks of flowering

Just added micros 5 days ago

burn lat closeup.heic (1.8 MB)

This one was taken 18 days ago, i week after the flush, saved from burned (pre flowering)

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Depending on how late into flowering the plant will start use nutrients in leaves for energy which would yellow like that.

even that kind of chlorosis , starting from the top?

Only other thing From what I see would be iron or mag deficiency?

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Is top of plant far enough from light source “ heat stress” idk sorry

yes, is an outdoor plant

With the burn before flushing I say it’s fine your flowering time is just about up anyway

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Do you have any tricome pics

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thanks, no i do not, but i can try to take a few with my phone, to see if it helps

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Those trics are nice and milky I’d harvest her now

should’t i wait for the hairs to get brown ?

Potassium deficiency.
Plant looks generally under fertilized, but that is a K deficiency.

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thanks, after the flush i was using distilled water from a dehumidifier, because water here in this neighborhood is around 500 ppm

do you think is a sativa plant?

I am plus 1 for the K def. and yes I rekon sativa. Some of the old school sativas I have grown have taken 10-12 weeks flowering. I go by the trichiome colour - amber = harvest. Also when half the hairs are browning off is another indicator I use to choose when to harvest. good luck

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Thanks bro , yes is taking a long time , I hope is worthy cause the smell is pretty good , I have to small planta just started flowering , faster then this one , I think is the season probably , I started using molasses on this one

image image image image

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Update @tubular Today 9/18/2020
i had to add vinegar to the water

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