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URB Organic - AMA- Free Samples


First of all thank you to the great minds behind this network and all of its early adopters. Thanks for the seal of approval as a vendor as well. I am going to copy Remo’s approach while we await Vendor setup within the forum. I also do not wish to make this a sales pitch. If you have any questions about the product please ask me here. I wrote some details out in the “introduce yourself thread” as well.

Our website is

Ummm… onto the free samples.

If you would like to try our products against our proven claims of 20-40% yield increases with higher THC content, better aroma, and taste, while reducing fertilizer use by 25% in any application…

Please just write a little about yourself below and request a free sample. I will PM you with an address request. If you are weary about providing an address, I completely understand. If you can provide an address of your local hydroponics store or something…any address will work. I just want to get the community to see these results and get you on board as a grower or part owner. We have big plans for the future which incorporate growers who value our same ethics and can share and understand our vision.

I understand that none of this can be done until you see the results for yourself. For me and my supplementation it has always been, and always comes down to “How much juice is in the squeeze.” So please, while we are setting up a more established “Vendor” role within this community… reach out, say hello, and try us out and together we can all “Grow Higher”

URB Organic


Because our website is a work in progress and does not yet include information which I think this community would find useful. Here is a quick rundown on a few details of our unique and unprecedented patent pending microbial formulation.

We are a University developed, studied, field tested, and PROVEN product in a NEW market and here is a little about the product…

-OMRI certification comes within the next 3 months and is guaranteed because our other technologies are already OMRI certified. The URB formulation is vastly different and has a 3-5 year shelf life thanks to the addition of spore forming microbes.

-The formulation has been developed for Marijuana.

-We have seen 20-40% increase in yields, increase in THC%, even with 25% reductions in NPK fertilizer inputs.

Our new formulation consists of bacillus and trichoderma only… specifically listed with concentration levels below. You will not find concentration levels like this in any other formula on the market. There are over 1 trillion microbes per ml in our formulations.

-Bacillus subtilis 2x106 CFU/ml
-Bacillus lichenformis 1x108 CFU/ml
-Bacillius subtilis subsp. spiziizeni 2x108 CFU/ml
-Bacillis pumilus 1x107 CFU/ml
-Bacillis Magaterium 1x106 CFU/ml
-Trichoderma harzianum 1x106 CFU/ml

You know how microbials work so I don’t have to get into this with you… if you don’t, hit me up. We have MMJ specific scientific studies that are up and coming in September and October to give more backing to these claims. Over 200 other kinds of crops have been studied by third party field test and University studies as well. They all have had incredible results.

-We are currently in 15 stores in OH and reports are that URB is replacing every other microbial on the shelves. I can provide contact info if you would like to speak with the owners.

-The humic we use is the highest quality and makes up 12% of our bottle.(You are not going to find that much humic in anything on the market) It is triple screened so it will not clog sprayers or feeding systems. There is also a high quality fulvic within the formulation which provides killer results when used as a foilar due to its transmembrane conductance properties.

-URB works in Hydrosystems with all mediums on the market and of course any soil mixture.


Hello Cody,

Your timing is good. I have our next crop ready to go from rooted cuttings in 3" cups to their “juvie” stage in 7-gallon plastic pots under lights at 24-hours. In a month they will go into 20-gallon fabric pots and into our light-dep hoop-house. Currently we are using Earth Juice liquid fertilizers and we are using a soil blend from FoxFarm (a mix of Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, and Bush Doctor depending on what stage the plants are in). I would be interested in trying your product on half a dozen (10%) of these plants to see if there is a noticeable difference.

Chip Weinert
Chief Scallywag
Rogue Coast Growers

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You got it buddy. I will hit you with a pm and request your address. How are you watering? The only reason I ask is because yesterday I was on a conference call with the guy who currently does our labeling and packaging, our microbiologist, and the sales rep/grower in OH who brought this product to the hydro stores there. The current labeling had application instructions that were all fucked up. One problem was we didn’t take reservoirs into consideration, we also had application ratios for “soil, peat, super soil mixes”“Coco Coir and Fiber” and then “Hydroponics” which just simply stated “Hydroponics: 0.5oz per gallon” with no mention of frequency.

When you get this stuff, maybe I should post a picture of the solution… It is the thickest blackest microbial I have ever seen. You look at it and instantly know this is something different. With such a high concentration of microbes and such a thick humic acid carrier at 12% I was concerned about the mineral vacuum that could be potentially be created with too much humic…basically nutrient lockout. A half ounce per gallon turns the bucket or reservoir completely black. We have now scaled back the application rates and formatted it in a way that our community is used to.

I think that is a message I want everyone to understand. What we have here is a commercial agricultural product which is using natural, organic, OMRI certified solutions to (as John Mackey said about us) “disrupt agriculture worldwide.” This product is being applied worldwide on a “per acre” basis. What I have done is direct this technology towards Cannabis. Name any crop you want and I can post a study that has been conducted on it with outstanding results.

I am dealing with a bunch of food farmers as we develop our branding and marketing. Which is why I am glad I got on this forum.

What we have here is a product that has been reformulated for the needs of a specific plant: Cannabis

We have a product that works extremely well and I hope to get it out there and let you and growers like you make those claims for us.

Although there are many ways this product is unique, I think most importantly we are unique in the sense that we have a proven product that needs the support of the community so it opens up many doors for the community to be involved. I am the only one who took side by side pictures on my tests in 2009. We want everybody to send in their results. We plan to host contests on multiple levels with really good prizes (all inclusive trips to Jamaica…things like that) We are going to be publicly traded soon and have a long game vision that provides legal, legitimate solutions to the following problems:

  • Many U.S. state-legal marijuana growers are unable to obtain bank accounts because growing marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

  • Products which are, or contain, marijuana cannot be trademarked at the federal level since the marijuana is illegal at the federal level.

  • Almost everyone agrees there is a tremendous opportunity to be the “Marlboro” of marijuana, however, it is illegal to transport marijuana across state lines and, due to most state licensing requirements, majority owners of grow operations are effectively limited to one state.

We want people involved on all levels, early adopters, get equity and all kinds of other benefits. I see this company being at least 10% owned by the community. Once I get this product out and people actually see the results I know I will have all kinds of the exact people I want involved with ownership in this company, so this will take care of itself. I just want it to be known, that this community is the exact type of people who I want to get involved and besides commissions, my own equity in the company and all of the selfish immediate, instant gratification, bottom dollar bullshit which we all care about in our own ways…it comes down to the movement and who do you want corporations to be represented by when this thing goes legal nationwide.

Anyways dude, sorry for the rant. I am pming you now I will get you a gallon which will cover your grow and then some. Thanks for stepping up and thanks for reading this.

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I thought a visual may help to illustrate the fact that I am offering a microbial that is truly something new… There is nothing else close on the market to our % of the highest Humics and Fulvics at 12% and nothing close to our microbial formulation or concentration.

Here is a clear 30ml vial with a little bit of URB in it.

And…Here it is after a little agitation, actually you cant even call it that… after a slight roll of the bottle :joy:

Look, I am working out the marketing…our website isn’t that great… All this will be rearranged and restructured in the future… But for now, just try the product. It’s free… and I promise you as a grower in the game since 2004… this isn’t like anything you have ever tried before. There is nothing like it. I mean have you ever seen 10ml of anything do that!!! Much less anything which is completely Organic? What we have here is literally concentrated mother earth in a bottle.

Again, if you want to try this out on a small section of your crops please write a little about yourself here and I will PM you for an address request.




Michael from here. Nice to see you on here. I’m part of a delivery service and connected to grows large and small (by commercial standards) I’d like to test out your product on an indoor, an outdoor, and a mixed light setup that is a test currently.
PM me or email
[email protected]

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The Bay has a special place in my heart. I am a mountain kid from the forests and foothills of Grass Valley, CA. When I was 19 I moved to Berkeley Marina. Me and my friend moved on this little shitty boat that had two planks underneath that served as beds basically. Long story short we got all carded up with the “OCBC” (this was 2005) and picked up a bunch of clones from the BPG and vegged them on the boat down the middle between our sleep area. We were hustling back then and ended up moving into the apartments on 1627 Woolsey St. in Berkeley next to the Ashby Bart. It was a 2 bedroom apartment. We built grow rooms that took up the entire bedroom sq footage Veg in one room Bloom in the other…again we sacrificed our sleeping arrangements and slept on the floor in the 6X3 ft closet space in each bedroom :slight_smile:

Anyways, sorry for the story. I will never forget my experiences in the big city or the movement around Cannabis at that time. I experience a bit of nostalgia when thinking about my experiences there, to include my Bart travels to your part of the city, riding a nice Bubblegum high watching the city pass by.

I will pm you for your address. I think for your situation, I will send a couple QT’s and a bunch of sample bottles and some “swag” to spread out to growers small and large.
Thanks for stepping up… Pictures of any kind would be great…especially comparison pictures. Also, since you are unique in the since you are a dispensary, and I don’t know if you can facilitate this… but if the grower could keep his “test” harvest material separate through curing, assuming it is the same strain a cannabinoid analysis from the URB grown version of the strain versus the control would be awesome. That may be too complicated or too costly for you and I understand the complexities in the logistics if it is not feasible, just something to keep in mind if possible.


Hi! We are a small tier 1 producer in Tumwater, Washington. Becoming a completely organic grow. Interested in your product. New grower has degree in Botany and integrating our grow with mushrooms to provide balance.
John Murphy, President
High Supply LLC
2842 93rd Ave SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

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