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URB Organic - "How it works" - Free Sample Gallons

URB Sciences believes the design of the URB product line is better than any of its competitors since it takes a holistic, synergistic approach to boosting crop yields and decreasing inputs in a sustainable manner. The documented benefits achieved with URB are clearly better than any known competitor.

URB’s liquid products (consisting of bacteria and fungi) are eco-friendly, broad spectrum, stimulative, poly-microbial inoculants, with multiple, complementary functions. The product, in layman’s terminology, consists of “Concentrated Mother Nature.” Perhaps, even more importantly, is what the product line is NOT. The products do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) nor growth hormones whose long-term effects are unknown. Nor are the products irradiated or contain any chemicals which can be harmful to humans, livestock or the environment. They are not petrochemical based nor are they a “compost tea.”

URB is akin to feeding a human organically grown food and nutritional supplements in a nurturing environment rather than junk food and steroids in a neglectful environment. Conventional farming utilizing petrochemical based fertilizers – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) – is the equivalent of using steroids; they will produce gains in the short/medium term while causing environmental degradation in the long term, likewise for pesticides.

Eco-friendly would typically mean not harmful to the environment. URB products go beyond eco-friendly. In addition to NOT using harmful chemicals, URB rehabilitates the soil, making the soil healthier, and are highly compatible with sustainable farming. Our products will enhance the soil’s ability to naturally remediate existing soil contaminants, improve its water retention capacity, improve its chelating abilities to prevent the leeching and runoff of pesticides and other chemical applications, and improve the soil’s organic mass for sustainable production of plant life.

URB products are made from cultivated, not genetically modified strains of microbes. Every product has at least six strains of microbes. The URB formulation is the most complete product on the market, with at least five functions per product. In other words, our product is a multi-vitamin and our competitors’ products are simply Vitamin C. Actually, our product would be more correctly referred to as a perfect food since it contains (or has the ability to produce or mobilize) vitamins, minerals and organic pesticides, and adjusts its own environment by correcting the pH and allowing greater efficiency in water utilization.

Our Cannabis product is a broad spectrum product, working very well, in a variety of environments, such as high and low pH, wet and dry soil, and in relatively cold, temperate and hot climates. In layman’s terms, our product has the equivalent of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, ready to fight whatever battle in whatever conditions it encounters.

The URB formulation also includes liquid humates and plant micro nutrients. Humates are the backbone of healthy soil. They promote the growth of beneficial microbes and give the soil the proper compaction, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and the ability to retain water and nutrients while making them readily available to plants.

Humate derivatives are mixtures of humic, ulmic and fulvic acids. They are products of organic matter transformation by the soil microorganisms. Organic matter (OM) is the source of energy and food supply for microbes, which allows URB to ship its microbial formulations as a liquid since the humates provide a food source for the microbes. Additionally, humic acid derivatives have several known benefits to Cannabis, such as increasing seed germination (greater and more rapid), improving trace element nutrition through chelation, and improving moisture conditions.

Polymicrobial formulations have the potential to greatly increase crop productivity with less dependence on petrochemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, and alleviate negative health and environmental consequences associated with their use.

The following is a specific list of performance features for the URB microbial formulation:

Improves nutrient and water uptake

Improves root and plant growth and crop yield

Improves plants’ efficiency in using solar energy

Reduces stresses of transplanting and drought

Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

Reduces pest infestations of insects, harmful microbes, and nematodes

Increases effects of beneficial microbes and organisms

Improves soil health and water retention

Stimulates development of balanced microflora populations

Increases bioactive substances needed for plant growth and development

Reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Improves the taste and quality of cannabinoids

Helps release micronutrients and trace elements, making them available to plants

Stimulates germination

Reduces amount of toxins in soil associated with harmful organisms

Increases healthy decomposition of organic matter and reduces putrefication

If you are interested in giving us a shot…its free right now. Please post a little about you and your current life/cannabis adventure/endeavor and I will PM you for an address. We currently have a handful of legitimate operations who have stepped up and are seeing how much “juice in the squeeze” there is in our claims. I am confident we will be seeing some really good side by side trial photos here soon. Thanks for checking us out and thanks for being a part of this awesome forum.



irie @URBorganic, i would like if possible to give your product a try… can grow same clone side by side and keep them separated at harvest for cannabinoids testing purposes.
i’m not in USA, so hopefully it is not a problem
all the best



Shouldn’t be a problem, 200 dollars shipping is worth it for your results, I am excited for you to work with the product. I just need to know how many plants you are testing on. Since you are a seed company, I want to let you know that a 10-30 minute seedsoak will inoculate the seed for germination before planting. Welcome to the forum. Please pm me with your needs and address and we will move forward from there.

Greenest regards,



Why should you reach out to give us a try?

With 6 strains of microbes in 12% humate liquid, URB amends the soil helping nature fend for itself. It stimulates germination rates, nutrient uptake, bacterial resistance, root penetration and transpiration to increase crop yields without ANY non-organic materials. Our goal with farmers is succeeding because these leaders are now reducing chemical inputs by building the soil instead of feeding the plants. Chemical fertilizers lead to more damage, less resistance, and ecological damage. Non bio-pesticides are toxic to not only pests, but also to other beneficial organisms and plants.

That is why we are outside the EPA’s scope. The challenge to you is simple: because URB is organic and does not require EPA registration and permits because it does not make claims as a (bio-)pesticide (verified mid-June by EPA Head of Bio-Pesticides) and because the essence its maker’s mission is environmental protection, are you prepared to profit in ‘the new green economy’ using natural means while weaning off petroleum-based and chemical inputs – thus saving your money?

We organically assist farmers who are using the polymicrobial power of URB to make their soil work better for their profits. One example is cutting nitrogen inputs by at least 50% while increasing the yield significantly. The reason for decreasing N is fairly simple. As you know, nitrogen inputs are delivered with ammonia. At least 50% of N is lost when it is “volatized” off, or lost as nitrous oxide due to ion exchange with ammonia and from water runoff. With URB certain microbes chelate, or bond with, that otherwise lost N ion. So you need 50% less input to begin with. How much money would that save?

URB forage matures faster containing more chlorophyll, stimulated by more bio-available (formerly dormant) micronutrients, trace elements and water uptake from softer, microflora-enriched soil. Microbes emit gummy substances building soil structure to reduce erosion; decompose waste from soil “grinders” (earthworms, etc.); stabilize pH, liberate organic fertilizer nutrients and reduce soil compaction via water retention; cycle nutrients to regulate and fix soil N, fix airborne di-nitrogen especially with legume nodules; and mineralize organics for conversion to CO2, NH4+, NO3-, and SO4 (Sulfate) for plant uptake.

Our listing with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI®) is a few weeks away. Should you have an interest in working with us, we will provide that documentation along with whatever else you need to get started on a demonstration grow. If you want to run tests on your soil the minimum we need from you is your plot’s pH, CEC (cation exchange capacity) and OM (organic matter).


I received your URB product and I’ve been using it for the last two weeks. I noticed after about a week that my plants got greener and healthier in just that short amount of time. The results are from both soil and hydro. I think the Hydro plants have responded the quickest and I noticed the water clarity improved very quickly. It looks like all the small organic particles in my nutrient solution were broken down and disappeared. My control buckets haven’t looked this clean in a long while even after full water changes. I used Great White (Mycochorrizae) previously, but wasn’t seeing very much benefit in hydro. It’s a very dark product on application but disperses quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing if this product will allow my plants to go longer between water change outs.

Thanks Cody for letting me try this out. I’m taking pictures and will pass them on when this flower cycle completes. I think this product is definitely working as advertised.


Right on Gary,

Thanks for stepping up and being bold enough to try something new. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of science behind our selection of microbes. More than I can explain here, or ever for that matter, it goes beyond my understanding. I do know, that unlike a lot of stuff, in the case of this example of “great white” ( or…90% or more) out in the industry Our formulation was designed for this plant and what is on our label is in our bottle. It isn’t “ingredients” it is a “guaranteed analysis” you can claim to have all these microbes in a formulation, but the reality is…a lot of these microbes don’t get along when in the cage of the rhizosphere. They kill and eat each other. From my understanding of mycorrhizae…it is super specific…so much so that you could have one strain of mycorrhizae work on one strain of cannabis and not the other… I’m not even going to get into the Formazan Tests where we increased levels by 41%. All these claims about what microbes you have and what they do…that is the test to measure them all in my opinion. What do they do once in the medium. Well, that and first hand grower experience like you now have :slight_smile: thanks again Gary.

Look forward to the picture.

A little pre-announcement. We think we have utilized our connections to solve everyone’s banking problems. We are talking credit card machines for dispensaries, bank accounts for cann-biz / growers, for every state…and places to deposit cash in near every state. Believe me, I understand the gravity of this statement. I wouldn’t be making it if it were not about to happen. When it does happen, we have exclusivity, and this is a internationally recognized organization dealing with billions every month. Its not going to be insane rates either, normal processing rates, we want everyone to win…including us… so you are going to have to be signed up for the certified URB program to participate. Which is a great deal anyways. Get a bank account and credit card services, along with shares in a publicly traded company, while your plants grow better too :slight_smile:

If I had the details I would lay it out. For now we are just in talks. Once I get the terms and work everything out, believe me this is the first place I am coming. Remember, I was taught by an OG when first coming in the business, “you never want to set someone up for disappointment.” I try to always be conscious about that in anything I do. :v::green_heart:


Hi, Gary. LandDragon is a small scale medical grower in Northern California. Everything we do is organic in soil. We’ve tested many different microbes and would certainly be interested in testing a tray with yours. Our current favorite inoculant is Real Growers “Recharge” for soil and OG Biowar for foliar applications.

Currently we run the following strains:

Tahoe OG
Purple Diesel
Original Sour Diesel
Ghost OG
Crockett’s Confidential
Psycho Diesel
White Fire Alien OG

We work with SC Labs for testing purposes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Awesome! I will pm you for an address to send to. I have been waiting for a
trial against recharge…their label seems to be the granular version of us.
They have great reviews on Amazon so something is working in that formula.
Excited for the trial! Thanks for stepping up to give us a shot. I don’t
want to knock the competition, I just have some questions concerning thier
label. I have a hard time believing that label has been approved. Maybe
someone else can chime in on this…but I’m not sure you can even measure
as little as 6.4 CFU’s and I think fulvic acid is not allowed to be put on
a label since there is no standard test? I’m not a scientist, so maybe I’m
wrong. Either way…thanks for reaching out. I’ll be in touch

as was


I’m in northern california right now too…in Nevada county if you are
near…I have product on hand I could pass off.


Dang, wish I had seen this when you were here! I really dig the product. Our company is based in Nevada County, CA. When is your next visit to the area?


Hello, I’m an old school grower who has been growing for decades. I grow organically and I am currently looking for new products/nutes to try out. I heard about this product, URB Natural Organic and would love to try it. Thanks for allowing me into this grow site…Looking forward to the adventure…

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Hey bud, you send samples to Canada

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@URBorganic, I am a small medicinal cannibas grow. I prefer all organic. I do seeds and clones. Always looking for good samples to try in side by side trials to see which works best.
Would love to sample your product. I am an inside grow in winter months, outside in warmer weather.
Here’s to hoping they are still available!

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Hey guys, it’s a really old post. Over 2 years ago… I guess the trials should be over… :crazy_face:


Id love to test your product i have heard great things


I guess i should read the ENTIRE POST


I currently use recharge as well, and I supplement in Full up by raw, I had a very hard time finding any products labeled fulvic acid, only recharge. Is that why?? A sample would be wasted on me as i grow 2 plants at a time. Im just interested in the product. Is it for sale yet and in smaller quantities?

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Thank you for sharing this useful information. I am humic acid expert, so I agree on humic acid benefits such as increasing seed germination faster, improving trace element nutrition through chelation, and improving moisture conditions.

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I’m definitely interested in a sample of this if you have one available? I’ll pm u my info in the Chance that you do. Thanks Michael

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In that chance that you do have that you are BRB / I forgot the rest of the letters and you can send me a sample you can send it to Michael Mannix 247 Carriage Park Buffalo New York 14224 thanks again bro I appreciate you thanks Mike

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