Urgent help

Hi, I may have overwatered my plant 2weeks ago, she is in the early stages of flowering and i have transplanted her in new dry soil due to it looking like it has become stagnant in growth since the watering. The leaves remained a normal looking green they wern’t dark or discoloured but started to curl. The leaves are now starting to turn colour the edges turning yellow. Since the over watering I haven’t watered the plant. What should i do? please & thanks to any help/advice :smiley:

•5L pot
•Ph water 6.5


You haven’t watered in two weeks ? :man_shrugging:
What soil? That an auto?
Well I leave this note to you since your not here. New soil should have nutes in it so #1 better water it lol ya can’t go two weeks with out watering bruh… getting some claw to ic.
I’m guessing that’s an auto but if it’s not I’d be sticking it on 12/12

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yes super. welcome to the growers network.

the bio bizz is a hot soil. so you would have went 2 to 3 weeks of just phed water , then you do your week 3-4 nute schedule. then some do a nute/water/nute/water schedule. some do a nute/nute/water/nute/nute/water schedule. she does look a bit burned. i would just water when she becomes light when you pick her up. wait a couple weeks and feed accordingly…


Seen burnt leave tips. I dunno anything about there soil actually yesterday I was looking at there nutes…