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USA's Hydroponics Market Research

Would anyone have an idea of the size of the hydroponics industry in the USA? We have a member working with potential investors and needs some help.

In his words:

The cannabis industry as a whole in the USA is moving close to a $50B market. We want to know how much of that is @EquipManufacturers. The vast majority of the $50B is going to be actual product.

In the UK the hydroponics market is around the £100 Million mark with an annual growth of roughly 10% but I am struggling to find the same information for the USA market. There are research reports available but these are insanely expensive for a start up (min of $5,000), so any market information you are able to share would be really appreciated.

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As a provider of rolling stainless tables, I would be interested in seeing contributions to this thread


Depends whether you include the cannabis side of the hydroponics business.

Retail is very fragmented with no company with over 1% of the market.

Scott’s is the big gun with General Hydroponics and Aero Garden.

Here is one of our prototype climate and nutrient controllers online. It will lower that $5K price point substaintially.


I also would be interested in this information, especially from a wholesalers standpoint. I will do some due diligence on my end as well and share anything I find here.


I would say sales of equipment related to the production of Cannabis is probably currently north of $2B+ when measured as sales to end users, whether they be commercial or hobbyist (USA + Canada). I base this off a few assumptions:

  1. Sunlight had estimated 2017 sales of $460m
  2. Hawthorne had estimated 2017 sales of $290m
  3. There are more distributors in the industry when added together are probably approximately close to what Sunlight was doing: Hydrofarm, BWGS, DL Wholesale, Biofloral, Hydrotek, etc…
  4. We work with over 500 vendors that sell into this space, and they amount to about the same, if not more business than I just mentioned above.