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Using wholesale marketplaces for cannabis?

There are a few software platforms that have seemed to have been gaining some steam lately. The most popular ones I’ve been made aware of are:

I have customers that ask, and I’d like to point them in the right direction, but I haven’t personally used any of these softwares before.

I would bet that these platforms are going to become more relevant as the number of wholesale agents grow in each state. Would like to hear of people’s thoughts on them, and possibly the evolution of future of buying/selling on the wholesale market.

Edit: I’ve used Cannabase as an advertiser, but not as a seller or purchaser. I’m slightly familiar with their platform, but not extremely well versed.


Select one or more of these if you have used them

  • Cannabase
  • Leaf Link
  • CannTrade
  • Amercanex
  • Other (post name)

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I was searching the forum for older posts about similar topics and noticed that @cannabisbuyer was starting a wholesale bulk flower marketplace. Wanted to bring you into the convo. Did you get yours up and running?

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Hello there @Nate & @Roxanne, Thank you for inviting me into the conversation. We’ve not opened yet. I’m at a bit of a loss on how to get bulk buyers to the show room. We’ll have plenty of samples representing 100’s of even thousands of pounds of material, but it’s the bulk buyers that I’m concerned about contacting. I’ve talked to data specialists, there is not real data scraping that can be done on the web just yet. As far as I can tell it’s gorilla marketing to reach them.

We have the physical space, we have cultivators that are bringing samples. I’ve not used these services. I am going to change things up on our site, start adding pics & bulk pricing. Most of our leads seem to be cultivators, vendors, small manufacturers & delivery.


Last conference down in LA, my boss said, a rep from Amercanex let it slip to the audience he was speaking to that they were just collecting data to sell to pharmaceutical companies, when they are ready to jump into the market.


Wow, super interesting. I’m not surprised. I’m sure pharma will pay a huge amount to make sure they understand the cannabis industry…so they can attack it.

I think when there comes the point where the cannabis industry hits a critical mass, and some sort of flood gate is opened (e.g., Schedule moved, federal decriminalization, legalization, etc…), there will be a mass buying spree of companies currently operating in the market.


Seriously? ohhhhh so bad.