UV Exposure in Grows


I was actually in Seattle speaking with this team in regards to this topic specifically. The study is decent, but there were many variables not accounted for that increase exposure, that when I spoke with them, they acknowledged.

  • This only accounted for UV from that specific light, not considering supplemental lights (UV Bars)
  • It didn’t take into account enclosed spaces or reflection (your modern grow room is a tanning bed for plants and all that energy created by the lights has to go somewhere. The enclosed space and reflection significantly increase the chances your body absorbs that energy)
  • Didn’t measure any other wavelength (Visible, IR)
    - when I showed them our studies on the other wavelengths, they were stunned.

But it was awesome that they were actually concerned about this topic and the health and safety of growers.


Recently I moved some ladies into the flower room.
After working the outdoor veggie garden I come in
Soaking wet, pulled off my shirt and started defoliating
Needed more light to see and turned on my UV T5 fixture
Sat there a bit less than an hour

Next day I was bright Red in face, shoulders n chest…
I am still pealing two weeks later…

Be Careful!! :v::heart::grin:



What’s an average set of clothing cost that would protect a grower? Is it something you can piece together? Get it all at once?


Our long sleeve shirts retail at $64.99, but most of our customers prefer our bundles. They include the following
UVPPE Bundle: $99.99
1 long sleeve
1 beanie
1 face guard
1 pair of protective glasses

Essentially, for $100, your will be protected from all radiation produced by any grow light on the market, as well as protected from any natural solar radiation as well.


Yeah, most have no real understanding of how brutal those lights can be and ignore the short and long term health effects that are caused by that level of radiation exposure.


In my garden I make everyone wear a hat, sunglasses, long sleeve and long pants. Been thinking of buying sunscreen for everyone. Living and working in the Arizona sun for over 15 years this is just standard practice. This may be the next industry for huge lawsuits against companies not providing adequate protection for their workers.


Hey Reed…that is amazing to hear that you are aware and actively protecting your team. I definitely agree with you in regards to the potential lawsuits heading the industries way. What you might not know is your average clothing does little to block UV and other light radiation. People usually assume that since they were not burned, they were protected. This is simply not true and your body is still absorbing significant levels of radiation. You might want to check out our site. There is a lot of info regarding this exact topic and our solutions to the problem. Our goal is to protect growers, while protecting owners from liability risks.


Right on very nice clothing. I personally wear the Columbia PFG Omni Shade long sleeve shirts under our work garments, do you think that has adequate UV protection? I see you have face coverings also, do you think that is necessary or would sunscreen work?


I just looked at their site for that, and the UPFs were at 30 and 40. This is better than nothing obviously, but you really want a UPF of 50+. The reason is because UV is exponential, so once you pass the threshold of your fabric you are open to significant absorption. And with the average time spent outside, I would assume you are passing its threshold. You won’t get a sunburn, but you are absorbing that radiation.

Sunscreen is very tricky for two reasons…1. Most don’t apply it properly or often enough. It rubs off and you don’t realize you are not protected. 2. It introduces chemicals into a grow (this affects more indoor grows and clean rooms). The beauty of our fabric is that it’s very light and provides much higher protection than your average fabric. So yes, I would recommend covering your skin before applying any lotion or sunscreen.

I personally believe you can wear whatever you want on your own time, but as an owner, you don’t want to risk the liability of NOT protecting your team. But what you are doing is a great start!!!


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for sending me some samples, I am really impressed with the quality of the fabric and how it feels. I especially like the neck protection and cap. While I enjoy the sun, spending all day under a cloudless sky day after day, really takes a toll, and any protection would be really useful.

I will definitely be recommending this to others, as I hope more companies make an effort to protect employees as they grow.

Good luck with your company, I hope you do really well with this.


Thank you very much Todd for the kind words and we are very happy you are enjoying the gear. We definitely want growers to understand that protection doesn’t mean cumbersome or uncomfortable. Something as simple as changing your shirt can change your future. We hope more growers discover what real protection feels like.


These things are super comfy! Thanks again for the gear, @RayWearCC! It was great to meet you! Every grower and sportsman alike ought to check out this apparel. It’s rediculously comfortable and it keeps you safe! I think I look like papa smurf in my little blue hat (pic forthcoming)…but I feel safe!


Pleasure meeting you as well @Growernick I am very happy you are enjoying the gear and thank you for your kind words. I would love to see some photos if you have them!