UVA mini trichrome booster light puck build

Ok so picked up 4X Rapidled Uva trichrome enhancement-pucks. These do not need heat-sinks. But im a over doer and searched around found some cheap mini Heat-Sinks.
So here’s the list of what i used

  1. 4x Rapid led enhancement pucks.
  2. 1x higher watt 30VDC Power Supply.
  3. 3x power splitters.
  4. 4x mini heatsinks.
  5. 8x m 0.5 screws.
  6. 1x m 0.5 tap.
  7. Spring punch.
  8. 1/32nd drill bit
  9. Deburring counter sink tool.
  10. Phillips head screwdriver.
  11. 4x light hangers.
  12. 4x screw hooks to attach heatsinks to light hangers.


  1. Set the puck onto Heat-Sink like a template and use the spring punch to mark screw holes. Repeat on all 4 heatsink until all 4x pucks are punched.
  2. Drill all the punch marks through using a drill press
  3. Countersink and deburr the screw holes.
  4. Tap the screw holes.
  5. Attach the pucks to the heatsinks using the screws.
  6. Plug all the splitters together. Put on UV safety glasses. And fire this sucker up!


Right on man. I’m curious in the difference.

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Looking to hear your thoughts on benefits of the pucks…


Sup brother? Hey, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I was just wondering if you knew that UVA doesn’t do much at all for plant growth or trichomes development. For that you need UVB, not UVA as plants can only use a very small part of the uva spectrum as opposed to UCB’s spectrum, which supposedly makes a huge difference. …at least that’s what I’ve read and gleaned from about a month and a half or more of research. After everything I ended up ordering a couple Cali Lightworks UVB lights to try. They’re 20% off right now with their 420 special and are only like $92 a pop. Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind, about what do you have into the build? I’m just wondering the price difference between your diy and Cali Lightworks one to see joe large a pricepoint difference.
…please don’t think I’m being a sick, as I just wanted to make sure you knew so you don’t waste any unneeded cash on something that isn’t going to work. I’ve been there n done that n it sucks. Lol.


Well there a lot of myth about uv. Also but the sun produces it naturally. I actually have been using UV for 2yrs solid. These pucks are for the last 2 weeks of flower. I wanted to test adding more UV. See i run UV the entire grow. The second the seeds pop out of the media there under Uv, 5500k white, and blue.

Here you can see my uv/full spec.

This light also has uv built into the boards. I find UV makes a healthier plant during veg and when i hit flower i have no problems getting lots of frost. My other tent doesn’t have uv thats why i built this light set for that tent. Each puck has its own. Hanger to be able to adjust the height independently. This set up cost me about $160 to build. But i made it movable so i can do some more testing. I have multiple clones and tents so I can replicate the growing factors and the plants for some good testing. @jory no worries man im well versed in using Uv and i appreciate ya looking out for me. Your weren’t being a dick just telling it like it is man!


Nice, What kind of thermal paste did you use between the sinks and the boards?

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We had a grow that had a normal light scattering of trichomes and it was ok, but nothing special. I put a 15w Lizard UV bulb in the tent for the next grow and the trichs were dripping off the plants almost. UV will be built in to all our future grows.

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The corner lights have a tacky thermal pad and the boards are attached to 4’ heat sinks. There huge xl sinks. I paid extra to have them made to my specs.

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Nice. Its easy to make something last longer by overbuilding it. LOL

I’d say you both are right, forgot to snap the article but most plants only have photoreceptors for UV-B to IR light in your defense @jory. But UV-A being the predominant UV band means plants do have a (mostly defense) response to it. Research (not in canna though) does support the benefit of UV-A on biomass and metabolite development…but like @PreyBird1 we haven’t really studied supplemental lighting indoors extensively, especially in this world.

My two cents, can’t hurt to try and replicate what the :sunny: is doing :+1:


I would like to try to replicate UVA and IR as well.


What’s it take to run these little pucks? I’m thinking of getting rid of the lizard bulbs in favor of these. Do you have a link where you got them from?


Here you go.


Thank you Sir.


I know this post is really old, but a couple questions if you happen to wander over here again lol. Is the Lizard UV light you used UVA or UVB?

I am running two of Rapid LED’s Far red light strips this grow, and the trikes are really stacking up nicely, but as I have never grown this strain not sure if the light has anything to do with it. I have to think it does as the main light fixtures are 5500k with no IR or UV. And still has no UV of any kind far as I can tell. I am running about 1000w on the 5500k and only 100w on the far reds 50w per strip, any one know if this is close to the right ratio?

I also have one Rapid LED light strip which I think is a UV strip, but have never hooked it up or used it yet, Rapid called it their Emerson effect board. I believe it is also 50w. I read so much conflicting info I decided not to hook it up until I felt a little more comfortable with when and for how long to run it. Maybe all you folks that are running supplemental boards will chime in on an old subject, I would like to utilize this light as I have the power supply programmable controller heat sink programming cables and power cords for it and would like to use it next grow but also do t want to scorch my plants.