Vampire mint clone

Anyone ever grow Vampire mint? It’s looking pretty tall. I super cropped one and let the other grow! I definitely know how it got it’s name it looks like the Nosveratu of cannabis

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Never heard of it, I’ve seen cabbage ice with leaf like those only fatter. Do you have any seeds?

Negative I cloned it though

Looked it up and it’s a cross between Animal Mints X Garlic Breath. Have you smoked this before?

looks fun to grow. I love a nice green healthy plants. Sometimes i wasted a lot of time staring at the plants on accident. Smelling the roses and such :rose:

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No, I traded some northern lights clones for it

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Scooby snacks smells exactly like passion fruit! Soo sweet

We got garlic breath… might need some animal mints to cross with…but this year might not produce any seeds for us as I am losing the male lottery… but what I learned about my set up was invaluable… have a better plan going forward…