Vanq grow led

Personally I dont know much about LED’s, but a good thing to look up besides the technical specs is reviews, social media etc. I dont see much at all and made in China. Some great products come from there, but also some terrible, low quality and more importantly after sales support. Might be better to look for something closer to home. Some more rectangular shaped LED’s can be found below, tried and trusted:

Thanks for your answer! I’m checking your website!
By the way, which light do you use? Is it HPS?

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Yes the last time I grew indoors was HPS. I am keen on LED, just not keen on the outlay. I have a small indoor vegging box with 45watt CFL lights now, but its gathering dust, actually being converted into an egg incubator.

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There are some LEDs which seem interesting and with the good shape for me. But not so much because many of them are sold “assembled” and so the final shape is still a square…
But what is strange is the price difference, and that is why I’m suspicious about the VanqLed.

For example on your website we can get the “Grower’s Choice+TSL LED PFS SERIES - 40W System, 4 Unit Combo (120W total)” with and efficacy of 2.5 μmol/J for 453$.
On VanqLed we can get the “GLMX240 – (240W total)” with and efficacy of 3 μmol/J for 139$. Better quality (from the information of the company) and better price 3.8$/Watt against 0.6$/Watt. It’s very strange for me (I know its China but…) and as you told me I never heard about this company on any forum or social media.

Ok thanks for your answer… as you were talking about price (“outlay” that’s right, I’m not
English-speaker). However, if I’m about to choose LED it’s also about the price! Because in the long run, it’s far cheaper (from what I know).

I think there is something I didn’t take into account in my comparisons…

I don’t recommend for lights. What size tent do you have? I bought my light off GH and was told immediately that it was a horrible quality light once I showed a pic of it and linked it to the forum. I’m sure they have some that are decent quality, but definitely check with people on here before you buy anything. Check out as well while you’re comparing things. I just got their 3 quantum board for my 4x4 tent. @xgx13xgx might be able to help you if you end up having to build your own. He was giving me a hand with my setup. Feel free to check my progress Does anyone know how to set up quantum boards?


I use LED indoors and would not switch. I followed your web link to Vanq but could not find a par map. I would recommend going to and use the grow light calculator it is very helpful. I can say that dimmers and heat sink are a big help and you want Samsung LM301B CHIPS. I have been going to smaller lights and more of them in my tents so I have the ability to adjust light for separate areas of the tent. A good idea when growing multiple strains in one tent. Best of luck.


Thanks for your answer and your advice.
For quantum board I think I’m not able to get into this for now. I even don’t know what is the difference between a lamp and a quantum board :sweat_smile:. But I planned to search for information about that as I’ll spend a lot of time growing plants (I’ll need to improve myself).

The room where I’ll grow the plants is a little special because I can only put the plants on both sides but not in the middle. So that I have two spaces of 6.6’ * 2.6’. So it’s long and narrow.

That’s why the shape and the power of the GLMX were very adapted for me.

Thanks for your answer. Yes the Samsung LM301B CHIPS is what they use in the GLMX :sweat_smile: (and also the LM301H) !! Effectively the website didn’t work and I didn’t see the pictures but just the text. But now it seems to be ok and you can see the par map. . If it doesn’t work for you there are the complete description of the product here .

In any case thanks for the link you send to me. Its seem very interesting and full of information so I’ll spend some time on it before making my choice!

I don’t really understand what you told me here. Did you know this kind of chips? Is it a good one?
In fact with the VanQLed I would have 2* (2* 120W) for a long and narrow space of 6.6 * 2.6’ (that is 2*120W for 3.3’ * 2.6’).

Thank you for the LED fundies/experts for jumping in. I use a solar LED for a reading lamp, that is about it. Great advice. Thank you again.

Did you receive your prices yet?

I don’t really understand (if you talk to me)… I’m not english speaker

Yes, for the GLMX240W (one set of 2*120W) its 139$ with the Samsung LM301B CHIPS. But without the freight. For me the freight is very expensive (87$)… but it even with the freight it remains a good price I think. And they told me the freight price is lower from 20 sets purchased.

In one hand I’m mistrustful about products from China but in the other hand I know that here sellers make what the can to discredit quality of china’s products, and maybe its because of that I never heard about this one on forum and social media. I don’t know… About this product I need the advice of someone who used to use LED :sweat_smile:

For now I’ll search for more informations about LED quality on the site you advice me

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Dont knock Growers House they are the ones who brought us this site and community.
Secondly they are just like every other store and have what is used and most requested like walmart, and it’s up to u as the consumer to do ur research on the product u want.
Third to be clear the blurples were the best we had untill the last 2 years or so and some people still prefer blurples so again do not bash Growers House cause with out them u would not be here getting advise from growers

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That’s a weird site, very confusing.
What are you even getting for $139? It says the 240w kit with two 120w bars and a 240w driver but the packing part says 3 240w kits per box.

The PPFD map is also misleading. The numbers shown are for a 6 bar kit, not the 2 you are supposedly buying.

I’m not saying they’re not legit but I would stick with something more well known. Mars Hydro make a few good rectangle lights, top of the line being the SP 3000. Spider farmer is another good company to check out for kits and assembled lights

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@xgx13xgx I ’m sorry if it seemed like I was bashing growershouse. They area good website with lots of stuff we need to buy all in one spot. I am only wary of their lights because I did do research and I read reviews and still ended up with a light that Everyone told me was bad in the end. I did say they might have quality lights, just to ask people on here first before purchasing. Which is something I didn’t do and now i regret immensely. I will tell you this @carpe. Don’t let your excitement of growing make you speed up your process. I rushed a couple of things and ended up paying for it now. Xgx13xgx is right about doing research. I didn’t do nearly enough. It sounds like you’re doing an excellent job though comparing and contrasting costs and asking people on here. I think you will be just fine!! I’m excited to see your grow and see what you do about your light situation.

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Hi @katmwall, can you share the link of your post, or the model of the LED you purchased from GH.

@xgx13xgx, you are very right. This is the first complaint I have read in over a year on the forum. I have only ever had good reviews of product and service. But we need to also bear in mind freedom of speech and a consumers experience?


@chrisj I bought this Light because it had 2, 5 star reviews and was a grower choice light. Only to find out from people on here it’s only good for maybe vegging. Not good enough for my full run so I replaced the light.

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