Vaping and you

Vaping cannabis flower can be a much less harmful alternative to combustion. By only heating the psychoactive components to their melting point, we are able to unlock the good stuff in our herbs while leaving the residual carbon. Do you have a favorite vape? Is there a vaporizer you recommend to our community?


I haven’t tried a huge array of vaporizers, but I have tried a few through friends and my own purchases. I started out with a simple dry herb vaporizer from Fez. Worked okay, but nothing special. It was good for three or four draws and then the rest of the experience was toasted weed.

A buddy of mine had a Pax 2 and upgraded to the Pax 3. He came out to visit awhile back and I was able to try it out. It’s a solid experience with dry herb. In addition, it can be purchased with a concentrate crucible so you can vape dabs. It works really well for this, but is a pain to keep cleaned IMHO. I decided to get an e-nail and dab rig for home usage so I can keep the Pax 3 cleaned up for “out and about” sessions and not use it in the house anymore.